Deceptions of the enemy: Lying wonders – hearing voices and false healing

“Even he whose coming is due to the working of Satan, with ALL POWER and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceitfulness of unrighteousness in those who perish, because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved thereby. For this reason GOD shall send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie, That all who did not believe in the truth but preferred unrighteousness might be damned.” Second Thessalonians 2: 9-12.  What ELOHIM [Hebrew word for GOD and who I believe is FATHER/SON/HOLY SPIRIT] is teaching me, is to love HIM only for who HE is and not for how I want HIM to be or how anyone else sees HIM, to learn HIS Word and to discern by HIS Word and to obey HIS Word, to only go to HIM and HIS Word for the Truth over what any person says, and to love HIM more than my pride if I should find out I was believing in a lie.

When I finish the rest of “My Story”, which is my testimony about how I got taken away from the True CREATOR and how HE got me back into HIS ARMS, I will be talking in depth about what happened to me and the variety of beliefs I got involved with that allowed ELOHIM’S enemy to lead me by my nose away from HIS ARMS and into their arms. When ELOHIM rescued me, HE used my experiences to start opening my eyes, ears, heart, mind and soul [which means: all my being] to the Truth. We all want to believe we have the Truth but the level of deception in the world today is immense and the incredible variety of beliefs, even amongst believers of HIS word, is huge. Look at Matthew [Mattityahu] 24:37-39. Over 41,000 Christian denominations [per wikipedia] out of one book! It says in Scripture that ELOHIM can only be worshiped in Truth! That means if we worship in any way that is not the Truth we are not worshiping HIM! Guess who you are worshiping even if it is just one wrong belief!

New Age worship is part of a wide variety of spiritualistic ways and beliefs that overlap and even connect to corporate wellness and are hidden in other mainstream areas such as massage, yoga, reiki, meditation, etc. See for a study on yoga and read the yoga article included especially what the author wrote about the “ghost in the machine”. I went to people who channeled spirits and who believed that they were connected to ELOHIM and even the MESSIAH [CHRIST]. They used the names GOD and JESUS, although other names were also given such as “source”. The problem is that their god and jesus are not from the Bible because they believe the Bible is man-made. Some believe they channel archangels or other beings [aliens, parts of our souls separated by reincarnation, higher selves, gods/goddesses] or loved ones who pass over to the other side or are “stuck” here. I even read on someone’s blog that they were told by “father god”, who was a spirit they were in contact with, that they would be giving birth to a baby through the “holy spirit”!

The problem unfortunately is a lack of knowledge that these people have because they believe that god and jesus would allow contact with spirits or the dead [you are contacting the dead but they are demons not deceased humans], would not condemn homosexuality, would allow prayer through others when it is written that “no one comes to the Father except through ME” [the MESSIAH is our only intercessor to the FATHER not Mary, angels, or saints], and so on.  Read Yochanan [John] 14:6, Hebrews 7:25, Colossians 2:18, Romans 1:22-32 and 2:5-8, I Timothy 4:1, Revelation 22:15, and D’Varim [Deuteronomy] 18:9-14. All of these are FORBIDDEN in the Bible. So to these people all is good and all is “god”. Their “jesus” is only love and is usually a prophet to them and not the SON of ELOHIM, not GOD in the same way as the FATHER. They pick out what they want to follow in Scripture and throw away the rest. This is completely different then what the Bible teaches, which is that all ELOHIM’S Word is from HIM and good for all generations! While men have changed some things in looser translations or not picked the best word to convey a meaning, these errors are discernible when investigated because all Scripture should work together. We all need to do our due diligence and not be lazy. Many perish for lack of knowledge as it says in Hoshea [Hosea] 4:6.

Many of those untrue beliefs used to be mine and I did not take the Bible literally either. I did not know the Bible well because I had not read it since I was a teenager. I got involved heavily with new age spirituality because I was depressed, lonely, and sick frequently. I went to a variety of healers and workshops and was taught how to channel energy by differing methods including quantum lightweaving and using rocks/crystals and I was starting to be healed. Many have experienced healing in these and similar ways and their stories are on the internet and in books. I believed I was in touch with ELOHIM because of the healing taking place [I felt miracles were happening] but my beliefs about who ELOHIM was got stranger the deeper my involvement and the more I believed in these “miracles”. I found out later I was not being healed by ELOHIM but by HIS enemy and that I had been used by demons!  I met a woman after my wake up call who told me she had been healed by someone using the name jesus but she felt something was wrong and she lifted it up in prayer to our FATHER in Heaven. She asked HIM that if it was not a true healing through HIS SON to take it from her. The healing was taken from her! We need to lift everything up to our FATHER in Heaven in prayer through JESUS’S/YESHUA’S/JOSHUA’S NAME to be sure and safe these days!

If you feel like saying, how can the enemy have the power to do these things, I encourage you to start by reading Iyov [Job] 1 and 2. Job 1:12, “The Lord said to Satan, “Very well, then, everything he has is in your power, but on the man himself do not lay a finger.” ELOHIM allowed satan to use satan’s power with Iyov, to destroy everything in his life and to strike him with illness but not to take his life. Now reread the bold area in the first paragraph above. ELOHIM sent strong delusion over people who didn’t want the Truth! They wanted the deceit of unrighteousness instead! In Revelation 20:3 it reminds us that satan deceived the nations [the gentiles]! This is so sad and so HUGE and people are not getting it! People don’t realize that they are rejecting ELOHIM, who is the Truth, by wanting lies! This is the same ELOHIM who sent HIS WORD to become flesh and DIE for us, that is how much HE loves us! People are rejecting HIM because they want their comfortable lies so they can live their comfortable lives! A lie connects you to the enemy and the Truth connects you to ELOHIM. You either want HIM or HIS enemy, you can’t have it both ways.  If you think you can have it both ways, I believe it means you are on the wide way which HE says is the path of destruction. The darkness we are immersed in is incredible and people think they are walking in the light!

I consulted people who talked to spirits aka channeling spirits. A couple of people who did this told me that they would have one of two experiences. That either they heard a voice in their heads telling them what to say or this spirit actually took over them and they had no memory of what happened until the spirit left them. There was even a Christian lady I was referred to who channeled spirits and believed that it was ok with the Bible! The problem is that per the Bible, channeling spirits [aka having a familiar spirit] is witchcraft and the occult and worthy of death – see D’varim [Deuteronomy] 18:10-12, Divrei-Hayamim Alef [I Chronicles] 10:13-14. These are a few verses but there are others in both the Old and New Covenants [Testaments].

This is very important. In the Bible, the prophets and disciples and others never had the two experiences mentioned above. Moshe [Moses] heard YHWH ELOHIM’S Voice from the burning bush and the Israelites heard it from a burning mountain [Sh’Mot -Exodus- 3:1-6 and 19:17-19], Adam and Havah [Eve] heard HIM call out while HE walked in the garden [B’Resheet -Genesis- 3:8-9] , Eliyahu [Elijah] heard it outside a cave he was in [M’Lakhim Alef -I Kings- 19:11-13], Isaiah spoke YHWH’S Words concerning ears hearing a word behind them and John heard a loud Voice behind him [Yesha’Yahu -Isaiah- 30:21 and Revelation 1:10]. The voice was always OUTSIDE of people and they were NEVER taken over!

Even the disciples of the MESSIAH/CHRIST, when they were told about being guided by the SET-APART [HOLY] SPIRIT [RUACH], were told that the HOLY SPIRIT would teach them and remind them what to say and that HE would be speaking through them to others. This was not referring to a literal speaking through or taking over of a voice but that through these people, ELOHIM’S Word would be given to others: Mattityahu -Matthew- 10:19-20, Luke 12:11-12, Yochanan -John- 14:26. What I believe these mean is that by the HOLY SPIRIT, they would be taught the understanding of the Word as they studied/read it. I pray every day to understand the Truth of ELOHIM’S Word. Sometimes when I don’t understand and ask again, I suddenly understand it or HE reveals it to me through an experience I have sooner or later. I also believe it means that there is NOT a voice in your head that is telling you what to do or that you are having a discussion with. Again, I believe this means that when you talk, you will say the right thing by being reminded or having an understanding come to you. 

People are not understanding that unclean spirits, which are demons, [Mattityahu 12:43-45] and familiar spirits, which are also demons, can masquerade as the SET-APART [HOLY] SPIRIT because people are believing in the deceptions of the enemy. They want to believe that they are in touch with ELOHIM alone and not HIS enemy and can even become prideful over this which separates them from HIM. It says in Scripture that we all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of GOD – Romans 3:23. Paul also said in 2 Corinthians 10:5 to take captive every thought and to make it obedient to CHRIST/MESSIAH. In Romans 7:15-20, Paul talks about the sin living in him that makes him do evil, what he does not want to do. CHRIST blessed Peter and also said to him, “get behind me satan” – Matthew 16:13-23! Matthew 12:43-45 talks about how unclean spirits leave bodies and can’t find rest in desert places. Our bodies are mainly water. They need water to rest. Unclean spirits and other demons still exist and they live in us. I will be writing a detailed study about this. Some Churches teach that it is impossible for this to happen anymore since we now have the HOLY SPIRIT. Considering how well thought of Paul is and his own words were that sin was living in him, what are these people not understanding? Remember Paul’s words when reading David’s words in Psalm [Tehillim] 103:1, which says for all that is within him to bless YHWH/the LORD! Was David telling the unclean spirits within him to bless YHWH? I laughed when I considered this because it certainly is possible! Go David!!! When I was in Israel, I was told by multiple people that they believed it was impossible in our present day to be free of unclean spirits.

I have wondered if anyone has ever been completely free of unclean spirits since sin entered into the world! I have prayed on this because I know CHRIST said that all things are possible with GOD/ELOHIM – Matthew 19:26. Click on the link below and scroll down to “wild x-rays and medical photos”. These do not say they are pictures of demons or unclean spirits. If you know Scripture, it is obvious what is going on in the images. Not all photos are as clear as the ones I will be describing. While there were some things I saw in other images, these were the most visible. Look at #3 which is a testicular tumor that looks like a face in agony with the left eye light and the right eye dark! Look at #12 which is a drunk who got x-rayed. His liver area is just above his waist. If you look at his liver area carefully from the angle of his feet up toward his head, you will see multiple tiny demonic faces and even one with a snake coming out of the right eye! If you change the viewing angle, from his head looking down toward his feet, you will see one big demonic face with a snake coming out of the left side of its mouth! Remember when CHRIST cast Legion from the possessed man in Mark 5? In verse 9 it says that, “My name is Legion; for we are many”. There were many demons that made up a bigger demon! There are other faces in other parts of his body too that are more visible when the picture is enlarged. #14 is of a Chinese teen who fell on a knife while peeling an apple. Look where the point of the knife is to see a small, skull-like face which is over the boy’s right ear and a white trail is coming from it and encircling his skull! Look at the front of his jaw, both upper and lower. There are lizards with pointed faces and curled tails! What is this boy hearing and saying that these things have a right to be where they are? What has the drunk done to himself and the person who is full of agony? There is meaning to all of these things and where they are in our bodies and even left vs right. 

Read this for some other examples of how we are being deceived by the enemy:

Have you ever had a song pop into your head and it just won’t go away? Consider this, when you “think” about something you are using your mind. When you have “thoughts” come into your head, who is putting them there, ELOHIM or HIS enemy? Do you sometimes “talk to yourself” or play “devil’s advocate” because of these thoughts? Do you realize the meaning of the words “devil’s advocate”? We are foolish and stubborn people who can blindly do things without thinking. Do you remember what Paul wrote about taking EVERY thought captive? Go to our ABBA [FATHER] in Heaven in prayer and ask HIM about this. Ask HIM to help you discern between GOOD and evil, what HE does to help you and what the enemy is doing to you because the enemy will mimic ELOHIM to lead people astray.

When I was still living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and involved with new age spiritualism, I went to a nun who says that “God” heals through her. Many have come from around the world to see her. Those who have been helped include cancer patients and even unborn babies. A multi-million dollar healing center is being built around her. I helped out at a fund raising event for her and went to see her personally. She told me that she had almost drowned as a child and was saved and that she heard a voice she believed was “God” and she called him “papa”. She also told me that she talks to “papa” [she did not say if she heard the voice inside or outside her head] and when he works through her she has no memory of the time until he leaves her! Remember what I wrote above about the people with familiar spirits being taken over by a spirit and them having no memory of the event and about how ELOHIM has in HIS Word how HE works with HIS people? When I started having my eyes opened after turning to ELOHIM and the Bible, I remembered what she had told me and I felt ill and I asked to be washed clean in CHRIST’S Blood of what happened to me when I was with her. I personally believe that she is being deceived about who “papa” is and who is healing through her. I also was warned by a person in the office of a Catholic Church in Baton Rouge, that they had reason to believe this nun and another Catholic institution that promoted spirituality in Baton Rouge were involved in New Age spiritualism and not the truth!

I have no doubt that all over the world people are being healed by faith healers who believe they are in touch with “God” but how many of them are healing by the ONE TRUE ELOHIM and not HIS enemy, I do not know. I urge you that if you have had a healing happen to you or someone you know by any faith healer, to pray to our ABBA [FATHER] in Heaven and ask for the Truth. Ask HIM to make it clear if HIS enemy did the healing or if it was a True healing through HIS SON, JESUS/YESHUA. Ask JESUS to take away any connections the enemy has made and to undo what the enemy has done. Ask HIM what needs to be confessed and repented of and for it to be washed clean in the HIS, the MESSIAH’S BLOOD. Then ask for True healing through HIM, JESUS/YAHSHUA/JOSHUA. Ask ABBA for HIS SON’S LIVING WATER which is the HOLY SPIRIT [John 7:7-9], and for HIS and JESUS’S Will and Desire to be done! Read Tehillim [Psalms] 38, 107:17, and Yesha’Yahu [Isaiah] 33:24. They go into how sin causes illness in our bodies. Confessing and repenting and being washed clean and obeying are very likely what needs to be done to be healed. How many would rather take pills or have operations instead of changing! Take a look at Henry Wright’s research at his site, His research explains a great deal of not only how our bodies work but also about how the enemy operates in us and what sin does to our bodies.

When studying Scripture, I have found that Bibles use words or wording that now have a different meaning than the ancient words they came from. I have also found statements that are not clear, and how even one word can change a message. I do not believe any translation is as accurate as the original scrolls, so be sure and pray for clarity and for the Truth to be revealed. I also ask our FATHER in Heaven for HIS pure Word and anything hidden HE wants to show me. HE has helped in this way by putting translations in front of me to study that revealed Truth that other translations did not have. David spoke of discerning Truth from error and GOOD from evil in Psalms 119:66. Comparing multiple translations also helps in discerning Truth. Use concordances or dictionaries to help with understanding the words especially the ancient root word[s] behind present words. I feel ELOHIM has blessed me by showing me how multiple translations have made clear a Biblical Truth and even how sometimes one or two translations will contain the Biblical Truth over the many.

I spoke with a Pastor who told me the HOLY SPIRIT talked to him. He said that he would always believe what the HOLY SPIRIT said over the Bible. I asked him why he would believe that because the HOLY SPIRIT would never go against the Bible! A retired Pastor I know was going to give out some of the studies I write to homeless people he worked with. I got the studies ready and went to give them to him and he told me he would have to talk to the HOLY SPIRIT about it. I asked him if he would go ahead and pray on it now and he started to pray. He had his eyes shut and I told him to ask for the Truth. He avoided using the words “the Truth”. I kept urging him to ask for the Truth. He broke out into a sweat and was agitated but did not ask for the Truth. I kept on urging him to ask for the Truth and he used every word but the Truth and the sweating and agitation was getting worse. When he finally did ask for the Truth, he calmed down visibly and finished the prayer and opened his eyes and smiled at me and said that of course he could hand out the studies! I had just witnessed spiritual warfare and he didn’t realize what had happened! When I told him about what had happened he was shocked and started to use it in his ministry work. He told me that one man hung up on him when he urged the man to pray for the Truth. The man called him back later and asked him why it was so important to pray for the Truth!

I have had believers tell me that they did not need to pray for the Truth because they knew that they were good! This is all spiritual warfare, people do not realize how they are being controlled by the enemy especially people who believe they know the Truth and won’t pray asking for the “Truth”. If you can’t use the words “the Truth” in your prayers do you realize what that means? It means you are good with what is not the Truth being in your life, that you would be fine with a lie or deception! Do you realize that believing in a lie opens a door to the enemy and it even is a type of possession! You are allowing the enemy to have access to you in this area and to influence you instead of ELOHIM! Reread what I wrote above concerning the physical symptoms of the man who was praying and would not ask for the Truth and then finally did. I believe from what I dealt with personally, from what I have seen others dealing with and from what they have shared with me, and from testimonies I have read that the experience of getting rid of the enemy and their influence in our bodies can be like detoxing. Google and read about detox symptoms. Anyone who tells me that they do not need to pray for the Truth or comes up with an excuse not to use the words “the Truth”, even if they say they use JESUS’S NAME, I always pray for whatever they need to have the block of the enemy removed in regards to not being able to or wanting to use the words “the Truth”. Asking for the Truth does set us free!

I have also read and been told that if people have a problem with the Truth it could be because they do not want to obey [this is called rebellion in Scripture], or because they might have a problem with authority, or they might have felt small and insignificant for years and now they are feeling more in control and like it. Being in control is an illusion. ELOHIM will bring a person down to nothing in their lives to try and get them to realize this and to show them who they have allowed to be in control in their lives. This even applys to leaders who are more like wolves in sheep’s clothing because they are more interested in power over sheep than the sheep. See Acts 20:28-30 and Mattityahu [Matthew] 7:15-23. I also believe that many of today’s shepherds are unfortunately being misled by some incorrect theological teaching from the seminary schools they are going to and repeating the same mistakes that their teachers were taught thus producing weak shepherds which the Bible speaks about, too. There is a verse in Scripture which says that ELOHIM will give an anointing to understand HIS Word to any who go to HIM! How many take HIM up on this instead of going to or through men first! We should lift up all we have learned and all we do and want to do to our FATHER in Heaven and ask for help with anything wrong or that is not in HIS or YAHSHUA’S Will and Desire!

If you do not seek and want ELOHIM, who is the Truth, above all that man says including churches and family traditions and any worldly knowledge; if you do not obey HIS Commands and believe in HIS Word and want only HIS pure Word [not what man has added to or changed]; if you do not separate yourself from worshiping falsely because you think HE will be fine with it [maybe because you believe that since HE is ELOHIM it won’t bother HIM or that it will not compromise your relationship]; then please consider studying HIS Word more fully and asking HIM for the help needed to do this.

You do not have to believe me and what I say. I encourage everyone to go to our ABBA [FATHER] in Heaven in prayer and ask HIM for the Truth of what has been shared here, or even preached to them by others, the Truth of any situation they are involved in, and for any help needed in seeing and hearing the Truth clearly. If something I currently believe is wrong I want to hold no pride, I want it revealed and gone! If HE shows you something big that needs to change, ask HIM for help and THANK HIM, and PRAISE HIM, and BLESS HIS NAME because HE is showing you how much HE loves you!!!


3 thoughts on “Deceptions of the enemy: Lying wonders – hearing voices and false healing

  1. I believe you should get your facts corrected before you send out an email or publish a post such as this on your blog. I am a volunteer for the nun you referenced in this post. She is a Catholic nun, and not in any New Age Spiritualism group like you discussed prior to mentioning her. Everything she does, teaches, and says is centered around Christ and God, “Papa” if you will. She has turned many people back to their faith, me included. She offers bible studies and spirituality classes, centered on getting back everyone’s personal relationship with God. I hardly believe the work of “The Evil One” would be to get everyone back to following Christ and establishing a relationship with “Papa”, as Sister has done for so many lost and scared individuals.

    • Hello, I encourage you to look at the comments area of this study as another person wrote a response I feel you should read. The New Age spiritualism was in reference to myself and to provide the evidence of what the people who channeled spirits told me so that I could compare that information to Bible verses and to what I was told from the nun herself to show why what she told me was not a Biblical experience. I was also told by an employee in one of the Catholic Churches in Baton Rouge after I was turning my life back to the Messiah and the Bible, to stay away from the St. Joseph Spirituality Center as they were practicing New Age beliefs and that the nun we are talking about might be questionable concerning New Age spiritualism.

      I edited my study to give more information. Spiritualism encompasses many areas, New Age is one of them. Any spiritual belief is in question if it can’t be backed up by the Bible. There are well meaning people who attend churches and run them who think they are right with Our Father in Heaven but if you compare teachings to HIS word you will find they may not be walking in truth with HIM. From my studies, I do not believe any walk 100% with HIM, we all [churches and the people who run them included] contain truth and error. I got led down the wrong path by people who used HIS name but did not walk with HIM. I do not put my salvation in man’s hand anymore I go to HIM alone and pray for the truth and read HIS word and put everything in HIS hands.

      The question is not whether she is a good well meaning person who believes she is doing right by the Messiah and HIS Father but whether what she is teaching is in agreement with HIS word or not. HE says in HIS word not to go by our own understanding and to put everything in HIS hands and if someone is not doing right by their brothers and sisters to be their keeper and to do unto them as you would have done to you. As I said, you do not need to believe me but please go to Our Father in Heaven and ask HIM what the truth is and to open your eyes, ears, heart, mind, and soul to only the truth in HIS Son the Messiah’s name. If HE shows you something that is wrong and it goes against your current beliefs, please put HIM above anything that a person teaches and thank HIM for it. It is more important to be right with HIM then with anyone here on earth. HE has suffered so much because of HIS creation not wanting the truth of HIM and instead wanting to believe what they are comfortable with and it separates them from HIM. I pray what I said above every day, I ask every day for the truth.

      The Messiah said HE came to break up families and that anyone not willing to follow HIM is not worthy of HIM. The “Evil One” is interested in getting people into “wrong beliefs” so that they will be lost and follow the lamb with two horns that spake as a lamb but was deception and not the true Lamb of the Bible. Ask HIM to give you an understanding of HIS word and study with HIM. It says in HIS word that HE can give anyone an anointing to understand HIS word, even very quickly. Once you have a good grounding with HIM in HIS word then you have a good foundation to work from to compare what others tell you to know if they are speaking in accordance with HIS word or not. In Deuteronomy, Proverbs, and Revelation it says not to add to or take away from what HE has written. Go by HIS word alone and do not include any additional book written by people even if a church backs it up. Look at anything additional after you have a good foundation from HIM first. I know others who had been lost and started studying the Bible and found out later that the people they initially believed were not in accordance with the Bible but were adding to it or not believing in it fully, this happened to me too. Everything I write is meant with love and a sincere heart wanting everyone to be as close to HIM as possible and only in the truth of who HE is so that they are in HIS arms and not HIS enemies arms like I was. May you and everyone walk only with HIM in complete truth, Gail

  2. I sincerely appreciate every word you wrote on this particular subject.

    I met the “nun” of whom you speak. She is NOT recognized by the Catholic Church and has a tremondous following in Baton Rouge, La. I attended only two of her meetings. The second one was about Purgatory. There is NO Purgatory found any place in my Bibles. I will NEVER return.

    My best friend’s granddaughter has Down’s Syndrome. She was experiencing pain in her neck. The mother of the child brought the little girl to have Sister D. pray over her. She was told to call the nun at the convent when the child went to sleep. She had given the mother OIL to put on her neck while Sister D. prayed for her. This mother BELIEVES that Sister D has the POWER to heal.

    I personally think she is a phoney and her whole operation is a scam. She resides in a “convent” and now has more nuns with her. The multi-million dollar complex that has been built are mind-boggling. From what I have heard, everything is VERY EXPENSIVE. People of all faiths flock to her to listen and believe in her.

    I keep remember Jesus’ words to His apostles, “No one goes to the Father except through Me.”

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Thank you for THE TRUTH.

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