Deception of the enemy – there are no such things as “ghosts”: Demon attachment and possession of homes and objects and us

When buying our house in Baton Rouge, we were told by the previous homeowners that they had “ghostly occurrences” happen such as hearing a baby cry and that the first homeowners had a history of mental illness. Anything labeled today as mental illness is a deception of the enemy and what I believe is going on [and Scripture backs up] is that demons/unclean spirits are afflicting/inhabiting the person and/or controlling our emotions/mind through chemical imbalances, oppression, and/or possession. Read the study on yoga I did and see one way how we open ourselves up to the enemy  .Go to the New Covenant [Testament] and look at each healing the MESSIAH did and note what ailments/problems everyone HE healed suffered from and what HE did to them [forgive sins/cast out demons]. The enemy wants people locked up and medicated and lost forever with them instead of being set free with the truth. Seek salvation through ELOHIM’S [Hebrew word for GOD and who I believe is FATHER/SON/SPIRIT] Word by BELIEVING HIS Son is the MESSIAH [CHRIST – HIS Gift to us] and died for your sins. Confess and repent of sins to our ABBA [FATHER] in Heaven in the NAME of HIS Son our MESSIAH for forgiveness and healing. OBEY our MESSIAH to stay in HIS grace because ELOHIM’S wrath remains on those who do not obey, Yochanan [John] 3:36. You will also need to be washed clean [baptized/immersed]. Get to know your SAVIOR through reading HIS Words in the Gospels, Yochanan [John] is a good starting point. Read the whole New Covenant and do not forget the Old Covenant as well because our SAVIOR was the WORD of ELOHIM far longer than the time HE spent on earth in the flesh. Many clues about what is going on in the world today are in Scripture and either people don’t want to see them, don’t want to believe they are true, or do not understand the main or underlying meanings.

What the previous homeowners said was not of concern to me so it did not prevent us from buying the house. For most of our ownership of it, the only things unusual were a smell of coffee [like someone had just brewed a pot] when none had been made and that it was freezing in winter. We then started getting big roaches in the house and they became greater in number. One time my husband killed around 20-30 of them in our utility room. Before and during the involvement with the demons trying to take over me, we started having a problem with mice and rats and flies and even maggots as well as the roaches.  After I turned my life back to ELOHIM, the bug/rodent issue improved greatly. Not long before selling the house, I found on a bug control site a story about a deceased woman who had a house and lived in a poor neighborhood. They said there were “millions” of german roaches in the yard surrounding the house but that in the house there were “none”! They also said that the woman had been a good Christian. I thought that was very interesting in light of how things started improving for me with the bugs/rodents after I was getting right with ELOHIM. There is so much we do not understand about the spiritual side of things. What I believe, because of what has happened to me and others, is that everything that happens around us or to us is a result of our actions either bringing us closer to the enemy or closer to ELOHIM.

During the involvement with the demons, I also had two occurrences in our master bath of being almost asphyxiated by fumes of either gasoline or bug spray that came out of nowhere! I had one more episode, after going back to HIM, of almost being asphyxiated. I was in the shower and it felt like something was squeezing the air out of my lungs and I was about ready to pass out. I was calling out to ELOHIM for help and then I finally could start breathing again. I believe from what happened to me and also from talking to others or reading about what has happened to others, that all of these events indicate a presence of unclean spirits [which Scripture calls demons] or other demons. I found on the internet different stories people posted about their experiences with demons. They helped me realize that what I was experiencing was true and that I was not alone. One site in particular, called “Many demon experiences” [the link to this is on my favorites page above], is very detailed and a number of things its author went through I went through too. Remember the fumes I spoke of above, the author would smell a variety of strange smells when demons were around. Someone I know would smell dog feces/excrement in her apartment when there was no way that smell could exist. Someone else I know smells heavy perfume. I also had problems with lights getting brighter and dimmer and even radio stations changing on me like the author experienced and others she knew.

There is so much about being unclean and attracting unclean spirits that we do not know about or do not understand, but I have no doubt that they manifest/attach to where they believe they have a right to. WARNING about the next sentence: Sh’mot [Exodus] 23:13 says”…do not invoke the names of other gods or even let them be heard crossing your lips.”. There are many gods names on products in our society today and we are constantly saying them out loud. For instance, ba’al z’vuv is the name of a Philistine god and means “lord of the flies” and ba’al zibbul “lord of heaven, lord of a high abode” thus “prince” are both derogatory names for satan. Zibbul also gets into a play on the Hebrew word zevel meaning “rubbish/excrement” [I found this from “The Complete Jewish Bible” in the glossary in the back under ba’al-zibbul]. I passed by outdoor food vendors in Israel and noticed that some vendors had flies all over most of what they had or just on one thing, and some vendors had none or hardly any flies right next to the ones who did. When you see flies covering many things but one thing is not touched right in the midst of them, that is important information. It is just like looking at a home standing in the midst of every other one around them being torn down from a tornado. Why was that one spared but none of the others? How are those people different? Getting back to the flies, I read on a person’s blog about how she and friends took a trip to the Dead Sea area and got drunk  and were ravenous and ate and crashed outdoors for the night. I believe she also  cursed with her mouth. When she woke up the next day, she said she had flies covering her mouth! Do you attract flies to a certain part of your body that you have done evil, wickedness, or uncleanness with? Are they leading you by your eyes, nose, ears, mouth, hands, feet? Read Scripture to see what ELOHIM considers to be evil, wicked, or unclean – it might surprise you! I believe we have signs all around us of what is an attachment of the enemy but we do not understand them and it is important that we do. In Mishlei [Proverbs] it says a fool winks! If your eye winks and you did not purposefully do it, what are you doing that is foolish and causing them to have an attachment to that eye? Start reading Scripture or go back and look at it more carefully. Go to our ABBA in Heaven in prayer and ask: what is evil, wicked, foolish, and unclean in your life, for HIM to give you discernment of the enemy and their influence in your life, and for help to get right with HIM, HIS SON, and SPIRIT so that you will be rid of the enemy!

Our house was not the only one in our neighborhood that had problems. I found that there is a relationship between a house having past problems or problems with renovating and both having a connection to the demonic. We were in the process of renovating when things started happening to stop us. A neighbor nearby had a “spirit” of a child in her house that disappeared after renovation. Another neighbor had demonic things going on including being thrown out of her bed. They bought a house that had a history of a woman committing suicide in it and they had extensive renovations going on as they could afford them. I believe a suicide is an oppression or possession – the enemy is mentally afflicting the person until they succeed in driving the person to kill themselves or they take over the person’s body and cause the act themselves. Another house down the street was where a young man ended up hanging himself trying to experience sexual excitement by asphyxiation. I was told by a man in New Orleans about demonic occurrences happening in his house including a photo taken by a fireplace and a demonic face appearing between faces of his family. He did renovations and the problems stopped. A person in church told me about a friend of his who had a friend in another part of Louisiana who had renovations going on and everything the contractor did became undone and went back to the original way it was! They painted and when they returned, it was as if they had not painted! They did other renovations and it went back to the original! The contractor finally walked off the job and the people sold the house. Another person I know who works around churches told me about two homeowners she knew in another part of Louisiana that had family homes where there had been voodoo worship done in them and they both were beyond redemption. One tore down his house and made sure the parts could not be used by anyone. The other brought gasoline into the house and was trying to get the cap off the container and the demon inside the house kept knocking him down so he had to go outside the house and put gasoline around it and burnt it to the ground! He ended up in prison for a few months for burning down his own property.

Demons can manipulate air, water, and electricity – probably other things too. In the New Covenant, satan is called the “prince of the power of the air” or “the powers of the unseen world” depending on the translation – read Ephesians 2:1-3. Remember when the MESSIAH was in the ship with HIS disciples and rebuked the wind and the rough water? What else did HE rebuke? He rebuked demons from people, so guess what was in the wind and the water stirring them up? Read Luke 8:24 and Mark 4:39 then take a look at Tehillim [Psalm] 23:2. The GOOD SHEPHERD leads HIS sheep besides quiet/still water! Metal conducts electricity so anything metal is suspect for removing by renovating. I had to get rid of my mattress because of what happened on it and our ABBA in Heaven helped me out with putting in my life a retired pastor who was also a retired fire fighter. He also has a discernment for voodoo spirits. When he burned my mattress, he told me he heard screams coming from the inner springs! I went to find a new mattress and went to several mattress companies. I tried sitting/laying on different ones and found that on a few of them I felt movement like someone was having sex on it, some mattresses movement were more intense than others, and on some I felt nothing. I asked the salesmen about the mattresses and found that each one I felt movement on had been returned by someone and the ones I felt no movement on were new! I met someone in Israel who also told me they could discern when sin had been committed on a mattress.

I was told by an employee in a church that they had burned mirrors that were suspect and had seen some strange things while they were burning. I had been replacing old windows in the house and was gutting and replacing old with new when we had to stop renovating. I replaced the old mirrors and I even tore out an old arched niche in the wall that I was told by the previous homeowner had been historically used for idols [Mary statues]. I scrapped my car because of demonic attacks to myself and problems with the electrical system. I have a friend whose car would have problems with not starting and she prayed and it would start up. I talked to a woman whose ex-husband had passed away. He told her before he died, to get rid of the vehicle he owned because of things happening with the doors/windows that he knew were from demons.

If you have anything you own that you know or suspect is being afflicted by demons, please pray to our ABBA in Heaven for help and for understanding of what you should do. I had a deacon, a pastor, and other church people come and pray over the house and car and even bless them but it did not change a thing. From my and others experiences, the only thing you can do if the enemy is not released through prayer and blessings/anointing is to destroy the object unless you can discern a part of the object which is the problem and replace it and see if it clears up. Smash or burn the object [if it is permissible where you live to do so or go to someone or someplace where it would be legal – HE is all about the law so you do not want to break it] so that it is destroyed and no one else can use it. If you knowingly sell the object without disclosing to the potential buyer what is going on or give it away, I believe you will be answering to ELOHIM for what you have done. Because it says in Scripture to do to others what you would have done to you, you might have something done to you similar to what you did to the person you sold or gave it to. In Louisiana the laws for selling homes do not protect the potential buyer. It is ILLEGAL for a real estate agent to disclose to someone if either: a person died on the premises, if there is “supernatural activity” taking place, and also if there was a chemical spill or storage on the property if it has been cleaned up! Be sure to ask neighbors and sales people detailed questions about what I wrote above concerning any property or used car you are looking to buy, even second hand objects if you are able to.

Since we were told by the previous homeowners about the “ghostly” happenings, I felt led to warn potential buyers of what occurred when selling our home. If you are getting ready to buy a house or a piece of property [even without a home on it] I would go to our ABBA in Heaven and pray for discernment and HIS will. I would encourage you doing this for many things you are looking to buy especially anything used or anything major. Learning to be humble and get on your knees and even prostrating yourself are Scriptural, too. Be sure and thank HIM frequently for all HIS help [HIS SON and SPIRIT, too] that you know about and don’t know about, praise HIM, and bless HIS NAME! David had the people bowing down or prostrating themselves when they blessed HIS NAME. You can learn a lot about what is pleasing to ELOHIM by reading in Scripture what HIS favorites did for HIM. Ask in prayer what you can do to bring a smile to HIS Face and joy to HIS Heart. Write your own Tehillim [Psalms] and sing them to HIM [the Israelites sang prayers and Tehillim]. HIS people prayed with uplifted hands, out loud, and with eyes open. Hands put together, praying in your mind, and eyes shut have pagan roots!

What I believe from what I have learned is that demons attach to and/or enter objects and people through sin/worship/uncleanness, or if the object has a pagan pattern or god name or other connection to the enemy]. The closer you get to ELOHIM the more sensitive you become of the enemy. I went into a museum in Israel which was loaded with pagan objects and I was continually attacked/oppressed so much that within half and hour I felt like I wanted to die and had to get out of there. I read my Bible and sang Tehillim to ELOHIM to clear the enemy from me. I went into a Christian prayer center in Israel that had objects from around the world in it. Some had pagan designs on them and I was attacked again. Did you know that paisley is a pattern whose origin came about for worship to pagan gods. Many ethnic decorative patterns and objects are coming into our lives today that we do not know the origins of.

One last thing concerning the belief in ghosts. This is a deception which many in the world today are believing, and what the enemy is doing as a result of it is sickening. Per Scripture, it says when we die we are sleep and we will be raised up either with the first or second resurrections – read Luke 8:52 and Revelation 20. That is pretty clear. Also per Scripture, if anyone contacts or talks to the dead this is consulting spirits or necromancy which both are forbidden and considered the occult and witchcraft – D’varim [Deuteronomy] 18:10-13 and Divrei-Hayamim Alef [I Chronicles] 10:13-14. Hollywood [Casper the friendly ghost and Harry Potter], Broadway [Wicked], fairy tales and Walt Disney [Cinderella, the Wizard of Oz] are to blame for a lot of the deception going on of “good” witches and “good” ghosts, “good fairies”, “good wizards”, etc. when, per Scripture, these beings are only evil or wicked. I grew up near Disney World and I LOVED all of these things. I now LOVE our ABBA in Heaven/HIS SON/and SET-APART [HOLY] SPIRIT and I let go of what was hurtful to THEM and separating us. I no longer love the enemy. I was almost completely possessed because of my love for the enemy which helped put me in ELOHIM’S enemies’ hands.

Going by the belief that we [as in all humans] are asleep till raised for resurrection, leaves no doubt that what is trying to contact us is none other than the enemy. ELOHIM is trying to protect us through Scripture telling us what we should and should not do and we are allowing the enemy to use us because of grief over loss of a loved one, weak teachings in churches, fascination over the supernatural, [fill in the blank]. I saw both my parents after they died and I know now that they were visions from demons. I had someone tell me he spoke with the spirit of a dead friend about heaven for 3 hours and he was going to believe what his “friend” said over what the Bible said! If you have been believing that you have been talking with a dead relative, friend, or a “ghost” that contacted you somewhere, PLEASE GO TO OUR ABBA IN HEAVEN IMMEDIATELY in prayer and ask for the truth and for help and protection! Be willing for HIM to show you the truth, realize it might take a little time for HIM to line things up for you to get out of present beliefs [especially if they are strong] and PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT THE GHOST/SPIRIT [remember that this is a demon] IS TELLING YOU especially if it tries to plead with you that your unbelief will cause no more visitations or something else to occur! Give Our ABBA in Heaven a chance to do HIS work with you! LOVE ELOHIM enough to let go of the enemy and be in the Right hands forever instead!

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