You’re right, there is no Christ in Christmas but there is some new information…

9/9/13 – I have some new information to post and it should make some people very happy. Our ELOHIM covers us greatly. While I still believe in what is written in the study below and feel it necessary to warn people of pagan practices, I now am believing that the MESSIAH’S date of conception [which is a birth of a new life] fell on the pagan celebration of a sun god’s son’s birth [which many celebrate today as Christmas] and the MESSIAH’S date of Birth as a newborn was on the Set-Apart Feast of Trumpets which heralds a KING. Based on this information, I believe celebrating 12/25 as HIS birth, without any pagan way involved at all, and instead doing the service work the SON commands may be acceptable in ELOHIM’S Eyes. This is my opinion and what I say to everyone is to still pray and ask our FATHER in Heaven for the Truth so they won’t be punished for celebrating any lie. I personally have no interest in misleading people or in anything but the COMPLETE TRUTH! I hopefully hold no pride if it came down to posting a complete retraction of anything I wrote that was proved to not be the Truth! Btw, ELOHIM is the Hebrew word for the English word GOD and to me is FATHER/SON/HOLY SPIRIT. Please see this link for more information concerning the new information stated above:

Do you believe that Christmas is our MESSIAH’S [CHRIST’S] birthday? Many do not realize that there are clues in Scripture about our ELOHIM that point to patterns of HIM and how detailed HE is. HIS pattern and detail can be beyond our current understanding because there is so much! It is endless! Astounded am I by the beauty, richness, detail, and depth of what I have experienced of HIM and HIS Creation so far! I end up weeping many times over a moment where I realize I found another piece of HIM in HIS Word that had not been apparent to me previously! I hope to know as much as possible about FATHER/SON/SPIRIT one day, I love them that much! ELOHIM Created all. Everything originates from the FATHER, and is made through HIS WORD our MESSIAH, and the SET-APART [HOLY] SPIRIT prepares the path.  3 Male Beings, but it takes all 3 of THEM to be the ONE ELOHIM because THEY can not Create without each OTHER! By the way, the word “SET-APART” is a truer English word choice to the original Hebrew word “Qadosh” than HOLY is. See my intro page “Welcome and Shalom” for more information.

Look at the depth of what science has revealed about our bodies, plants, the universe, everything down to the tiniest cell. From the smallest to the largest ELOHIM planned and created it all. With this in mind, take a look at the verses in Vayikra [Leviticus] 23 and other Scripture that go into detail about all the Set-Apart [Holy] Convocations [also called Holy Days or Feasts]. These verses made known every celebration that HE gave HIS people in the Old Covenant and other verses, about what HIS SON and HIS disciples did to honor these Convocations, are in the New Covenant. The ELOHIM of the New Covenant [Testament] is the same one of the Old Covenant [Testament], so why was nothing ever said in Scripture about celebrating the MESSIAH’S birth?

B’resheet [Genesis] 40:20-22 and Mattityahu [Matthew] 14:6-12 both speak of the only two times a birthday celebration, a big party involving the self, occurs in Scripture and both are for pagan men, the Pharaoh and King Herod. Nothing is noted about a big birthday celebration for any of ELOHIM’S people in Scripture! Births were mentioned and were cause for rejoicing and possibly feasting, and the wise men brought the MESSIAH gifts when HE was a baby, but do you really believe that the out of control celebrations people are competing over today are good in ELOHIM’S EYES? With this in mind it makes sense why the birth day of the MESSIAH was left out of Scripture. Look at the feast days and what they were about. That is what is important to ELOHIM! In fact there was no mention by JESUS/YAHSHUA or from HIS ABBA/FATHER in the New Covenant of ANY new addition to the Set-Apart Convocations. Read D’varim [Deuteronomy] 4:2 and 12:32, Mishlei [Proverbs] 30:5-6, and Revelation 22:18-19. They say not to add to or take away from Scripture. I believe that people are adding to HIS Word by celebrating ELOHIM in the ways of mankind! See April 2012 and 2013 archives for studies on easter.

I believe that to celebrate Christmas’s pagan roots and traditions is, per Scripture, actually mocking the MESSIAH because it is all about HIS enemy, the sun god, and not HIM the SON of ELOHIM!  Early churches erred greatly when peoples were conquered that weren’t believers, by putting the MESSIAH into their pagan festivals instead of doing what HE said in Scripture. What should have been done instead was written in the Word. Mattityahu [Matthew] 10:5 says, depending on the translation you use, “go not into the way of the gentiles” or “keep away from pagan practices”.  Both mean the same.  Also Mark 16:15, “Go into all the world and preach my gospel to the whole creation”.  They should have brought the people into the MESSIAH’S way, not try to mix HIM into pagan ways!  Do you know who you are actually honoring and worshiping with pagan customs and traditions?

I know that you might already have the tree and the presents, maybe you have holly and mistletoe and wreaths and have even sung carols. Maybe you have stories or movies about Santa Claus and even have a  nativity set. By the way, have you read Sh’mot – Exodus – 20:3-4 and D’varim – Deuteronomy – 4:15-19?  You might be saying “why am I even reading this, it’s too late, I have everything ready for Christmas besides I don’t worship anyone but the MESSIAH [CHRIST] by what I do on this day, so this isn’t going to hurt me”. What I would say to you is, what if you are wrong and you are actually worshiping pagan gods!  Are you willing to take a chance and accept the consequences if you are wrong because Scripture says we will have to account for all of our actions and deeds and words. See II Corinthians 5:10, I Kefa [Peter] 1:17.

1. Definition of worship: The reverent love and devotion  accorded a deity, an idol, or a sacred object. The ceremonies, prayers, or other forms  by which this love is expressed. Ardent devotion; adoration. [How often do you say that you “love” the tree, the songs, the decorations, the ______?]

2.The definition of idol: An image or representation of a god used as an object of worship. A person or thing that is greatly admired, loved, or revered: “movie idol Robert Redford”. [What or who is/are your idol/idols?]

3. Do you truly understand what is a pagan object, what are pagan ways, what is pagan worship? Remember, ELOHIM’S chosen were the Israelites ONLY and all other nations were Gentiles. All Gentiles were and are pagan – they followed pagan ways/customs/traditions and handed them down [with some changes] to today concerning everything in their lives like bad luck vs good luck, fertility, love, and marriage and they also worshiped their gods with: music [pagan rhythms/beats], worship postures [yoga], patterns of cloth [paisley and other ethnic prints, wearing certain colors], symbols/art [owls, hawks, wolves, cats, eternity symbol, 5 pointed star is the sign of a shackle, breast cancer symbol is the ancient symbol of the Babylonia/Sumerian fish god and Christian fish symbol came from Greek gods], names [nike, soma, hermes, tammuz, saturn and Scripture says not to utter the name of another god], traditions/customs [kissing under mistletoe, jack o’lanterns, popular wedding customs], pagan hairstyles and tattoos and piercing [multiple little braids, fancy hair, shaved heads other than for mourning and some vows, not marking your flesh which is HIS temple because it houses HIS SPIRIT, pierced ears are the mark of a slave per Scripture] and so on. Gentiles had their patterns of worship for their gods just like ELOHIM has HIS. Many who call themselves ELOHIM’s people are immersed in some or all of the above things today and think it is acceptable to HIM even getting tattoos with the name “JESUS” or other symbols they think are good! They are not good, please read Scripture! Gentiles are from the wild olive tree who are blessed to be grafted into the cultivated olive tree of the Israelites – Romans 11:11-22.

4. Have you ASKED  our ABBA [FATHER] in Heaven in prayer [Mattityahu 6] for the truth? Have you asked about how HE FEELS concerning pagan Christmas and other pagan ways/practices? Tai chi, judo, yoga, karate: involve bowing to each other as gods, worship poses of other gods, CHRIST said to turn the other cheek not to hit it, besides ELOHIM protects HIS people when they walk right with HIM. Web catchers, dream and animal symbolism are superstitious and not Biblically based. I Ching, horoscopes, magic 8 ball, tarot, and other divination practices are considered witchcraft per the Bible because you are not consulting your ELOHIM by praying to HIM. Ayurvedic, reiki, acupuncture and others are pagan methods of healing instead of obeying, confessing, repenting, praying for healing. Taking drugs involves the practice of pharmakeia – Greek for witchcraft. The Bible also refers to drug sorcerers as not entering the Set-Apart City. If what you are doing honors/worships/connects you to ELOHIM’S enemy and not HIM or HIS Son or HIS SPIRIT, would you want to hurt HIM or you or your relationship with HIM by your actions?

If anyone can not go to our ABBA in Heaven with everything in their lives [beliefs about HIM, what or who is in their lives, what they are doing with their lives and all HE has given them, you name it] that means they might be ok with a lie being in their lives or that they might not want to know the truth! Do you realize that with ELOHIM being the truth and satan being the “father of lies”, that means if anyone is loving or worshiping a lie about  FATHER/SON/SPIRIT they are actually loving and worshiping satan – [Yochanan – John – 8:44]!!! Per Scripture, people are either worshiping ELOHIM or HIS enemy with what they do! We can not run from ELOHIM [see the story of Yonah – Jonah]! We will be accountable to HIM for EVERYTHING! Would you rather work on a good and right relationship with HIM now and face HIM later with love or not doing your work of being right with HIM now and face HIM later with wrath/anger/tears? Do not wait until it is too late to show ELOHIM the LOVE that HE deserves!!!

Something big I wrapped my mind around was that I finally realized that ELOHIM is ALIVE.  HE wasn’t just a name [or 3 names] in a book, HE is REAL. Read the links below about what these objects you are putting up in your homes mean. Read in the Old Covenant/Testament how Israel turned to worship pagan ways and how it separated them from HIM. Read about HIS emotions – how it HURT HIM –  and yes, HE does have feelings, it is all in Scripture: Yirmeyahu [Jeremiah] 1:16, 4:19, Yesha’yahu [Isaiah] 42:14,  43:24, Yechezk’el [Ezekiel] 14-16.  Read in the New Covenant/
Testament how the MESSIAH suffered for us, it is even in the prophecy of HIM in Tehillim [Psalm] 22:14-18 and Yesha’yahu 53.  There are whole Churches that believe Christmas is pagan and won’t celebrate it – for what reasons are you doing so? If it is because of family and traditions, remember that the Messiah came to separate people/families and HE said that anyone who puts any other above HIM is not worthy of HIM – Mattityahu [Matthew] 10:34-39.

I used to love the trappings of Christmas and I had a big collection of decorations worth probably a couple of thousand dollars. I finally realized that I was worshiping and loving the MESSIAH’S enemy and not HIM by my actions. I realized that what was more important to me was showing HIM that I put HIM above all else, so I destroyed/got rid of everything pagan! I confessed and repented to HIS ABBA of worshiping the enemy, pagan gods and their ways, and asked HIM to wash me clean in the MESSIAH’S blood. Read Mattityahu [Matthew] 22:37 about how we are to love HIM.  Think about this from HIS point of view because sun gods have been worshiped by these symbols and at this time of the year for thousands of years. ELOHIM has had to watch HIS own people worship HIS enemy because of a lack of knowledge or unconcern or not caring enough on their parts, all of which takes away what was and is due Him. You do not have to believe me but I encourage you to believe HIM.  Take down something pagan to do with Christmas as an offering to HIM and ask our FATHER in Heaven in prayer what the truth is, does it honor HIS SON or HIS enemy?  Better yet, throw out everything pagan to do with Christmas and repent and confess of what you did. I believe you will be blessed for your actions and I believe it does matter to HIS SON!

Before I found the truth about ELOHIM, I was convinced that I was right about my beliefs. What I had happen to me was the equivalent of an angel lifting me up by the hair to show me how wrong I was.  I now pray every day for the truth and HIS will.  HE knows that I want to throw out whatever I need to be right with HIM. HE always should be #1 in our lives and there is a big reason for that, it is to protect us from the deception of HIS enemy who wants us lost forever in darkness or dead and not with FATHER/SON/SPIRIT forever in joy! [good presentation of why this day should not be celebrated] [this is long and detailed but very well done. BTW, YESHUA/YAHSHUA is the MESSIAH’S name in Aramaic the language that HE spoke and YAHOSHUA is HIS name in Hebrew. They mean YAH saves. There are some slightly different spellings of both names.  Be sure to read the ending of what this person has written and his explanation of when the probable birth of the Messiah was]  [written by a Christian minister who had been a witch, he knew what was pagan]  [be sure and read what he said in the first and last paragraphs]  [not a religious site but insightful info]


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