Asteroid to pass near the Earth 2/15/13

While I have studied a good part of the Bible, I have primarily focused on learning the truth about ELOHIM [Hebrew word for GOD and who I believe is our FATHER in Heaven, HIS SON, and HIS SET-APART [HOLY] SPIRIT] and HIS way and what pleases HIM and also to know the deceptions of HIS enemy and their ways and how they hurt us. I have looked over some prophecy and have found some things of interest but I have not focused on it as I have these other areas. I do believe we are somewhere in the time of the end, but whether that means it is 1, 10, or 100 years until the MESSIAH returns I do not know. I do believe that ELOHIM has been trying to get our attention through all these storms, earthquakes, and other disasters we have been facing and are being humbled by. This Friday we face an asteroid.

When I read about this asteroid it reminded me of Revelation 8:7-11. This may or may not be the “what looked like a great mountain burning with fire, was thrown into the sea” or the “great star fell from the heaven, burning like a torch” which these verses talk about. It might not even hit us [which is what the news articles are saying]. However, with all the disasters that have been happening and with some of their timing coinciding with events and holidays that are displeasing to ELOHIM [look at what happened around last christmas, halloween, and the homosexual celebrations in Louisiana last year], I do not believe that this happening the day after another pagan celebration of valentine’s day is a coincidence either. Read what I posted about this holiday and the other ones. Also of note, is that Fat Tuesday [Mardi Gras] was 2/12/13 – this is also against HIM because it celebrates wickedness and her pagan ways of drunkenness, lust, immorality, and gluttony to name a few.

I also do not believe that men know everything. I believe that if our ELOHIM wants this to hit us and shake us up like the many prophetic references in Yesha’yahu [Isaiah] about the earth being shaken and wobbling/staggering like a drunkard [read chapter 24 for example], then it will hit the earth. Take a look at two quotes from two different news articles about this asteroid [links below].

From NPR – “…because if an asteroid this size did smack our planet, it could cause a huge amount of destruction — the equivalent of 2.4 million tons of TNT, Yeomans says. Such an impact would be comparable to the famous “Tunguska event” of 1908, when a space object of a similar size collided with Earth over Siberia and leveled millions of trees in an area of more than 820 square miles.”.

And from the Wall Street Journal, “At its closest approach—a distance of about 17,200 miles or so away—the asteroid will pass over the eastern Indian Ocean, off Sumatra at 2:24 pm ET Friday, Feb. 15.”.

I have decided to do some praying and fasting and am calling on our ABBA [FATHER] in Heaven for HIS will to be done. If it is HIS will for this to hit us or cause other problems to shake us up then so be it because I really believe that the vast majority of people need a huge shaking to truly see HIS Face. I also ask HIM that if HE would change HIS mind [which is Biblical] and avert a big disaster and get our attention in a less destructive way that we can’t ignore, to please hear us. If you would like to join with me and ask that our prayers be linked together then please do so and ask your friends/family to join in, too.

Please love ELOHIM enough to see HIM for who HE truly is and want HIM for who HE truly is and give HIM the love, worship, praise, blessings, and thanks HE deserves. Ask what you are doing that is hurting HIM. Ask if you are truly loving and worshiping HIM or if you are loving and worshiping HIS enemy and their ways by mistake. If you think that you can sin and confess and keep repeating this and that HE is alright with this, believe me, it does matter to HIM. Read Yo’el [Joel] 2:12-14 because, “Who knows – HE might turn and relent, and leave a blessing behind HIM…”. Read Tehillim [Psalm] 90, in fact, sing it to HIM or make it a prayer!


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