Read Acts – blood is not food!

When in Israel, ABBA [Our FATHER in Heaven] opened my eyes about another way we are not obeying HIM and instead, connecting to HIS enemy. ELOHIM is LIFE, LIGHT, TRUTH, GOOD and HIS enemy is death, darkness, lies, and evil. ELOHIM is the Hebrew word for GOD and who I believe is FATHER/SON/HOLY SPIRIT. In Scripture, blood is the life of the animal or human being and it never was to be consumed by people – it is blood not food – and it belongs to ELOHIM alone! Yechezk’el [Ezekiel] 44:7, “…My food, the fat and the blood” and verse 15, “…bring to Me the fat and the blood…”. The blood and the fat were always HIS portion! Continue reading

Fasting and prayer till the end of Shavuot, pray for predatory guardian court case

It has been a morning of highs and lows for me. I had a beautiful time of prayer where I felt especially close to ELOHIM [FATHER/SON/HOLY SPIRIT] and then one of my pet cockatiels, who was over 10 years old, died. I have noticed that when I have highs happen then a low follows. I do not like the thought of believing in that as a pattern for me so I will need to pray and ask for guidance about this and why it is happening. Have been doing fine with the Daniel 1 fast [all vegetarian nothing animal based]. It has been a little challenging at times concerning substitutions for eggs or milk but have found some alternatives or am doing without. Am extending the fast to go for a full 40 days from when I started on 4/6/13. The Festival of Shavuot will end sunset 5/16 and that will be the end of my 40 days [I did not plan it this way it just worked out like this – how ABBA does it amazes me!]. [see previous posts on this time of prayer and fasting] Continue reading

Fasting and prayer being continued…

Shabbat Shalom! Am continuing the fasting and prayer for at least 10 more days [I may end up doing 40 days in all – will see where HE leads me]. I started with no food just water then went to the Daniel 10 fast [only plain, simple food and no meat or wine] and now am doing the Daniel 1 fast [no animal products at all or alcohol – just what has been grown from the earth]. This is important to purify and cleanse our bodies, minds, and souls and helps us in connecting to our pure ELOHIM [Hebrew word for GOD – and who I believe is the FATHER/SON/HOLY SPIRIT]. Continue reading

Fasting and prayer starting tonight at sundown

I will be starting a fast tonight at sundown and will be praying for help with overcoming: roots of the enemy, moving past things that block our way, and for where wrong has been done to instead be right-ruling. Also, for ABBA’s [the FATHER’S] Will and if HE would consider changing HIS Mind [for some personal things I have been asking about for me and for help for all of us because there is so much deception going on that people are believing is truth].

Something interesting, Ya’akov’s [Jacob’s] name was changed to Yisra’el [Israel] because he “overcame/prevailed with EL [a title of ELOHIM’S meaning Mighty One/Strength]”.

Also, The Scriptures translation of the Bible opened my eyes about not using the words “justice or justify” anymore because they were derived from a pagan goddesses name, they use “right-ruling or rightly rule” instead. I promised ELOHIM [Hebrew word for GOD and who I believe is FATHER/SON/SPIRIT] that I would get anything pagan out of my life, and I mean it, even if it takes my whole life to accomplish it! Continue reading