Texas abortion bill, a call to prayer and fasting

A special session has been called for Monday, 7/1/13 at 2pm ET to re-address the abortion bill of Texas Gov. Rick Perry. See this link for information:


Join with me in a 3 day fast and prayer for this bill to be passed starting tonight at midnight Eastern Time USA to end Monday at midnight ET USA. Please forward this to people you know and to prayer lists too. Ask our ABBA [FATHER] in Heaven in prayer [see Mattityahu – Matthew – 6:9] to join all the prayers of all who want this bill to succeed and end the prayer in HIS SON’S NAME [Yochanan – John – 15:16, 16:23]. Fast as you choose for as long as you choose or are able to. Thank you and Shalom [peace, prosperity, and all good things], Gail

Our ABBA in Heaven, Thank YOU so much for all YOUR help with this bill, for it to be passed if it is in YOUR Will and would glorify YOU, YOUR SON our MESSIAH [CHRIST] and KING, and YOUR SET-APART [HOLY] SPIRIT. How much in our country and the world that is not SET-APART [HOLY] in YOUR Eyes these days we do not know but if we look at YOUR Word, we have some idea of the darkness we are immersed in. I have every belief it is so big we would be unable to comprehend it, to grasp it fully, if we knew all of the truth!

YOUR SON is our Light and our Truth and we must obey¬† so that wrath does not remain on us [Yochanan 3:36]. YOU have been showing many your anger at their disobedience through YOUR whirlwinds, storms, earthquakes, floods, plagues, all of these Biblical signs but many today have their eyes, ears, hearts, minds, all of their beings [their souls] shut to the truth – they do not know and they do not understand, they do not want to understand. They want their way not YOURS. In YOUR Word, that is considered rebellion and is to YOU as great as the sin of witchcraft! Some say weather is due to “mother nature” thus giving wickedness, who is the pagan mistress of witchcraft, credit for what is YOURS and what YOU set in motion and use for YOUR purposes! YOU take down miles of homes and businesses but leave one standing and people say it is due to luck instead of getting on their knees asking YOU what they did to be brought down or what the one left standing did to be spared!

Please help us by showing clearly and plainly and in ways that can not be ignored, that there has never been a time where people could pick and choose what they want to follow in YOUR Word. That today, just like at the beginning, YOUR Word is unchanged as YOU are unchanged and is good for all generations! To be YOUR SON’S people they must obey ALL because YOU say in YOUR Word that breaking even one command is, in YOUR Eyes, breaking all of them! Please show people how they are following YOUR enemy, who is a murderer, and not YOUR SON, who is Life, if they support anything that allows killing.

All Life is from YOU through YOUR SON and contains YOUR Breath, YOUR SPIRIT. YOUR Breath is our breath, all living contain YOUR Breath until YOU take it from them! Show people that life does not come by their choice but by YOUR choice and timing, our ELOHIM [Hebrew word for GOD], FATHER/SON/SPIRIT. Please help people understand that if YOU give life that it is for a reason, that if YOU withhold life that it is for a reason, that if YOU take life back that it is for a reason bigger than men can comprehend because YOU know the big picture and we do not. Help people understand that in these “modern” days YOU and YOUR Word have not changed, that if anyone takes a life or tries to prolong life or tinkers with the building blocks of life that they are not trusting YOU and YOUR Way, that they are falling short and not doing right by YOU.

Men’s ways are artificial. They are playing at being YOU and they are hurting many over fear and pride and greed and power or thinking that they know YOU, but they show they do not know YOU if they go by their will and not YOURS. These emotions or beliefs are YOUR enemy that people are embracing not YOU. I have every belief that the Three of YOU watch what we do and that, per Scripture, are “confounded” over most everything. People may not come to YOU at all or when they do pray, if YOU hold off answering in our timing or YOU give an answer we do not like, we still may turn from YOU to men’s ways to get what we want. YOU use what we choose to do for lessons for us and for YOUR Glory. Thank YOU for reminding us that YOU give and YOU take away and that we are not YOU, we are not ELOHIM.

Thank YOU ABBA for YOUR help with everyone who is pregnant, whether married or unmarried, to not feel lost or overwhelmed. Please make this a permanent prayer for anyone who is contemplating abortion or taking their own life or taking another’s life, for whatever help they need to be lined up with the right: people, friends, spouses, money, resources, jobs, time, healing, education, moving them wherever they need to be, moving whoever or whatever needs to be out of their lives out, and replacing what was moved out with only good [YOU/YOUR SON/YOUR SPIRIT] and stopping the bad [YOUR enemy]. Help them to realize that YOUR SON is their strength, to rely on HIM and to believe¬† HE loves them and is there for them. Show them, help them believe, that they can endure and overcome. Please help them understand that everything that YOU do as our FATHER, our GARDENER, our POTTER helps to stretch and strengthen and shape us. While they might not see a big blessing in front of them right now, give them reassurance that one day they will and that it will be worth it!

May all learn to put our ELOHIM first in their lives and give YOU the worship, praise, and blessings YOU deserve. May all learn to get down on knees and be humble and pray for only the truth in their lives because that means they are asking for YOU and not YOUR enemy. May all believe  YOUR Word that if anyone fears [respects/obeys] YOU and does YOUR Will [what YOU want], YOU hear them! Thank YOU for teaching all of us what pleases YOU and glorifies YOU [and may we learn to love doing it], to become a people who worship ONLY in TRUTH, who want ONLY the TRUTH, and love ONLY the TRUTH, and are willing to get rid of anything in our lives that is not the Truth, that is not pleasing to YOU the ONLY TRUE ELOHIM, because we love YOU, the Three of YOU, that much!!!

In the NAME of YOUR SON, YAHOSHUA our MESSIAH and YHWH [JESUS our CHRIST and LORD], only in Truth – Amen!



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