Part 1, went into the background of images and why we are commanded not to make or worship them. It also got into the information available in Scripture about how the MESSIAH [CHRIST] looked while in HIS Body of flesh. See this link: http://glclifestyling.com/2013/05/30/what-do-the-fatherancient-of-days-his-sonwordlambmessiah-and-his-set-apart-holy-spirit-look-like-part-1/

So for part 2, what did/does the SON/MESSIAH look like as the WORD of ELOHIM? ELOHIM is the Hebrew word for GOD and who I believe is FATHER, SON, SET-APART [HOLY] SPIRIT [BREATH/RUACH]. There is a physical description in Dani’el of a MAN that Dani’el worshiped [fell down on his face in front of] that matches up with a physical description of one resembling [looking like] the SON of Adam/SON of Man [the first man, Adam, his name means “man” or “human” in the generic sense] in Revelation. I believe this MAN is the WORD of ELOHIM, our MESSIAH, who was born in a Body of flesh. I believe the description of what HE looks like, both before and after HE was in the flesh, is in both Dani’el and Revelation.

Start with Revelation 1 [this is Yochanan – John – the MESSIAH’S disciple talking]. Additional verses from the New Covenant [Testament] are below Revelation:

[10] “…I heard behind me a great [loud] voice as of a trumpet,

[12] … I turned to see the voice that spoke to me. … [turned around to see who was speaking with me]

[13] … one resembling [looking like] the Son of man [see Dani’el 7:13-14], wearing a long vestment [robe down to his feet] and girded round his breast with a golden girdle [band].

[14] His head and his hair were white as wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were like a flame of fire;

[15] and his feet were like the fine brass of Lebanon, as though they were burned in a furnace [feet like burnished brass refined in a furnace]; and his voice was as the sound of many waters [like the sound of rushing waters].

[16] And he had in his right hand 7 stars; and out of his mouth came a sharp two edged sword; and his countenance [face] was like the sun shining in its strength [in full strength].

[17] And when I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead [like a dead man], …

[2:18] …These things say the Son of God who has eyes like a flame of fire, and whose feet are like fine brass from Lebanon [like burnished brass]:”.

[19:12] His eyes were like a fiery flame…

[19:13] and the name by which he is called is “THE WORD OF GOD”.

Mattityahu [Matthew] 17:2 – “As they watched, he [the MESSIAH] began to change form – his face shone like the sun, and his clothing became white like light.”.

Luke 9:29 – “As he [the MESSIAH] was praying, the appearance of his face changed; and his clothing became gleaming white.”.

Now look at Dani’el 10:5-9 for comparison [this is Dani’el talking]:

[5] “when I looked up, and there before me was a man dressed in linen wearing a belt made of fine Ufaz gold.

[6] His body was like beryl [chrysolite], his face looked like lightning and his eyes like fiery torches; his arms and feet were the color of burnished bronze; and when he spoke, it sounded like the roar of a crowd.

[7] Only I, Dani’el, saw the vision; the men who were with me did not see the vision; however, a great trembling fell over them; so that they rushed to hide themselves.

[8] Thus I was left alone; and when I saw this great vision, there was no strength left in me – my face normally pleasant-looking, became disfigured; and I had no strength.

[9] I heard his voice speaking; and when I heard him speaking, I fell down in a faint [I was stunned lying] with my face to the ground.

Find pieces of Scripture that match then look at them together. This can help in seeing a bigger picture, especially if one piece has more information than the others. By taking the Scriptures from above, from both the Old and New Covenants [Testaments], and comparing them, we find both common and uncommon points.

The common points are:

Feet like burnished brass/bronze or refined/burned in a furnace,

a loud Voice like a trumpet or roar of a crowd,

Eyes like fiery flames/torches,

gold girdle/belt,

Face like lightning/shone like the sun,

and falling in front of HIM like a dead man/fell down in a faint with my face to the ground.

By the way, these men had no choice but to fall down in front of HIM, they did not choose to do it. They fell on their faces as if in a heavy sleep/dead or in a faint:

Dani’el – http://www.blueletterbible.org/lang/lexicon/lexicon.cfm?Strongs=H7290&t=KJV

Revelation – http://www.blueletterbible.org/lang/lexicon/lexicon.cfm?Strongs=G4098&t=KJV

The verses below are very clear about what happened when Dani’el and Yochanan/John were in front of HIM, Daniel 10:9 and Revelation 1:17. Reasons this did not happen when HE was on earth in a Body of flesh might include HIM not wanting it to be common knowledge for people to know who HE was [see Scriptures where the demons HE cast out of people started proclaiming HIM as the SON of ELOHIM and HE told them to be silent as in Luke 4:35], or perhaps being in the form HE was in did not allow the same reaction from others. There is an exception, John/Yochanan 18:6 shows the power of HIM and HIS NAME because when CHRIST said, “I AM”, the people who had come to take HIM drew back and fell to the ground!

The uncommon points are:

wearing a long robe/vestment,

dressed in linen,

clothing became white like light,

body like beryl/chrysolite,

Arms the color of burnished bronze,

Head and Hair white as wool/snow.

Starting with the first 4 statements under the uncommon points, I believe they are saying that HE is wearing a long robe of white linen. We know from the common points that HE wears a gold girdle/belt. We know from verses all over Scripture that reference the apparel of angels/messengers, the heavenly army, and even the Israelites, priests, and HIS bride as being made of linen or fine linen. For a few examples see Revelation 3:18; 4:4; 7:13; 15:6; 19:8,14. I believe the statement of HIS body being like beryl/chrysolite refers to the body of HIS robe not HIS actual Body. The verses go into the color of HIS Hands, Feet, and Face. When you wear a long robe, no other part of your body would be showing other then your hands, feet, face [except maybe the neck which should match the hands/feet]. Beryl can be colorless, white, yellow, red, green/blue, pink. If this statement is actually referring to HIS physical Body as opposed to the body of HIS robe, I believe that the color would be a type of red or red-brown because of the verses saying that HIS Hands/Feet were the color of brass/bronze burnished/burned in a furnace. I found the following information to be of interest and possibly backing up the white color, which again I believe would pertain to a white robe not skin. The Hebrew name of beryl/chrysolite is also tarshish.


The Biblical name of a certain precious stone (perhaps yellow Jasper, says BDB Theological Dictionary, but translated chrysolite by NIV and beryl by NAS) is also tarshish (Exodus 28:20).We note that the shish-part of the name Tarshish looks a lot like the word  (shayish), alabaster a mostly translucent or white crystal. And the tar-part looks a lot like  (tor), dove. It comes from the verb  (tur), seek, spy out. Derivative  (tor) denotes a certain ornament, probably a plait or circlet (Song 1:10). To a Hebrew audience, the name Tarshish may have sounded like White Dove or Dove-White. [so HIS robe may be dove white but it would have to be a whiter white than what we call dove white today, per the verses above saying HIS robe is a bright white like light]

In regards to the color of HIS Arms/Feet and the rest of HIS actual Body [not the body of the robe], I believe the color to be of a red hue possibly reddish-brown. This belief is taken from the “burnished brass/bronze as though they were burned/refined in a furnace” statement as well as other biblical references. I thought this information to be of interest:

“”Burnishing” and “antiquing” are synonyms for the same process. The terms are used interchangeably. The term burnish means “to polish” or refers to the shine of an item. This seems contradictory to a process that patinates, creates a patina, rather than creates luster. In this context, burnish refers to its etymological origin. The Anglo-French transitive “burnir” means “to make brown.” The terms “antiquing” dates to 1920s America.” Read more: Difference Between Burnished & Antique Brass | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/facts_5840064_difference-between-burnished-antique-brass.html#ixzz2GTIOR9X4

In regards to the “burned/refined in a furnace part”, take a look at the picture of molten bronze from this link.


Molten bronze is reddish in color and looks a lot like the color of jasper and carnelian/sard – see these next links.



Now take a look at Revelation 4:3 [this verse is talking about the FATHER, the ANCIENT of DAYS], “And he [the One] who sat was as the likeness of the appearance of Jasper red quartz stone and of red and white Sardius”. Most translations say jasper and carnelian/sard/sardius [sard is a type of carnelian] and one says rubies and diamonds. All of these stones have either a reddish color or white. Now take a look at Dani’el 7:9 where the ANCIENT of DAYS is referred to as having a “garment as white as snow” and that the “hair of HIS Head was like clean wool”. We also know from Revelation 1:14 that the Son’s “head and hair were white as wool, white as snow “. So I believe THEY both have white hair and probably white robes and that THEIR skin [whatever it is made of] is the color of carnelian/bronze in a fire.

Going back to Revelation 4:3, we know that this verse is not referring to the SON of ELOHIM, SON of MAN, MESSIAH because if you read chapters 4 and 5 of Revelation, you realize that when the SON is called by HIS NAME of the LAMB in Revelation 5:6 it then says in 5:7 that HE [the LAMB] takes a scroll out of the hands of HIM sitting on the throne [referring again to the ONE on the throne in Revelation 4:3 which is the FATHER, ANCIENT of DAYS]. Also take a look at Dani’el 7:13 which has the SON of MAN coming on the clouds to the ANCIENT of DAYS. From this we know there are 2 beings.

From Hebrews 1:3 we have the information about the SON “being the brightness of his [the FATHER’S] glory, and the express image of his [the FATHER’S] person“. See verse 5 for more referencing that this is the FATHER talking about the SON. In Yochanan [John] 14:9 we have, “he who has seen Me has seen the Father”, which I believe also refers to how close THEY look alike. So I believe THEY are two different men who look similar but the SON now has pierced HANDS, FEET, and a pierced SIDE because of dying for us as the suffering servant of Yesha’yahu [Isaiah] 52 and 53.

We also know from B’resheet [Genesis] 1:26-27 that ELOHIM said, “”Let us make man [Adam] in our image”…So God created human [Adam] kind in his own image; in the image of God he created him:” Now read the information below on the word “Adam” and compare it to the information above about the skin color.

Etymology – from “Adam” on Wikipedia


“Adam” (Hebrew: אָדָֿם) comes from the triliteral root אָדַֿם ( ‘ADM ), meaning “red”, “fair”, “handsome”.[2] In the Book of Genesis, Adam occurs as a proper name in chapters 2-5. As a masculine noun, ‘adam [3] means “man”, “mankind” usually in a collective context as in humankind,[2] and may also refer to the individual human.[4] The noun ‘adam is also the masculine form of the word adamah which means “ground” or “earth”. It is related to the words: adom (red), admoni (ruddy), and dam (blood).[5]

Name of the Month – Adam  By: Jeff A. Benner

http://www.ancient-hebrew.org/emagazine/001.html   [scroll down to “Adam”in link]

We are all familiar with the name “Adam” as found in the book of Genesis, but what does it really mean? Let us begin by looking at its roots. This word/name is a child root derived from the parent דם meaning, “blood”. By placing the letter א in front of the parent root, the child rootאדם  is formed and is related in meaning to דם (blood).
By examining a few other words derived from the child root אדם we can see a common meaning in them all. The Hebrew word אדמה (adamah) is the feminine form of אדם meaning “ground” (see Genesis 2:7). The word/name אדום (Edom) means “red”. Each of these words have the common meaning of “red”. Dam is the “red” blood, adamah is the “red” ground, edom is the color “red” and adam is the “red” man. There is one other connection between “adam” and “adamah” as seen in Genesis 2:7 which states that “the adam” was formed out of the “adamah”.
In the ancient Hebrew world, a person’s name was not simply an identifier but descriptive of one’s character. As Adam was formed out of the ground, his name identifies his origins. Copyright © 2004 Jeff A. Benner Ancient Hebrew Research Center

See also this link for more on adam – http://www.blueletterbible.org/lang/lexicon/lexicon.cfm?strongs=H119&t=KJV

So from all of the above, I believe that the FATHER/ANCIENT of DAYS and the SON/WORD/LAMB/MESSIAH look like each other in physical appearance but are two different male beings. THEY both have white Hair, white robes, and THEIR BODIES are red like jasper and carnelian, and THEY with the help of the SET-APART HOLY SPIRIT/BREATH who is also male and has molten red in HIS coloring, created the first man in THEIR image – red and male.

[more in part 3]


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