Handling halloween wisely, again – J. John Canon

Below is a piece I posted October 2012. I wrote the intro and the rest of it is by British minister J. John Canon. I hope and pray you will read it and take to heart what is being said. There is so much in our lives today that is not in alignment with the Bible and truly hurts our ELOHIM [Hebrew word for GOD and who I believe is FATHER/SON/SPIRIT].The heart of the matter is that HIS SON, YAHSHUA [this is the SON’S NAME in Aramaic the language HE spoke while here in the flesh, HE is known in English as JESUS], died for us to have eternal life if we accept HIS sacrifice, get baptized, and obey HIS commands and turn from sin and HIS enemy. For an ETERNAL BEING to sacrifice HIMSELF for love of HIS created beings is HUUGE!!! HE deserves EVERYTHING from us!!! Giving up what we think is fun and cute and harmless, but in reality is anything but because it is HIS enemy in disguise, should not be an issue after what HE did for us!!! If you doubt this, please pray and ask our FATHER in Heaven for the TRUTH because one day you will stand in front of HIM, HIS SON, and HOLY SPIRIT. How will you feel if you are told how much your actions hurt your BELOVED ELOHIM and you end up not as close to ELOHIM as you would like because your reward was lesser, forever???

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