Rabbi Kaduri had false visions, not ones from the True MESSIAH!!!

There is something big that may be happening soon. What Rabbi Kaduri revealed about visions of the Messiah before he died I believe is false. Please look at the bolded areas in the excerpts below from Israel Today. What we know from Scripture refutes these points.

The biggest one is that we know when YAHSHUA HA’MASHIACH YHWH [aka JESUS CHRIST the LORD] returns, HE will know exactly who HE is! Per Zechariah 14; Matthew 24: 20-31 and 36-51; Luke 21: 25-28; Mark 13:18-27; and Revelation 1:7, 19, and 20:1-6; HE will be revealing HIMSELF to all: as HE arrives on the clouds of Heaven and shines like lightning from east to west with HIS messengers/angels collecting HIS chosen/righteous/holy ones; HE defends Yerushalayim and fights against other nations as HE used to fight in the day of battle; HE stands on the Mount of Olives and the Mount splits in two and living waters issue forth replenishing the seas [I believe the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee]; and HIS holy ones are brought there to be with HIM during HIS 1,000 year Reign.

While the MESSIAH/CHRIST was in a body of flesh and blood before HE died and arose, per John’s vision in Revelation 1:10 – 15, HE looks like HE did as the WORD when HE was in front of Daniel in Daniel 10: 5 – 6. HE will be our KING when HE returns and I personally believe HE will not be using our media as HE is ELOHIM and has no need of this. See the link below for a detailed study on what CHRIST looks like as the WORD.


Since Kaduri said that the Messiah would be coming after Ariel Sharon died, we could be looking at the time of the false prophet and the beast coming up since Sharon died this January 11, 2014. I know there is also significance to the blood moons. Please see links below to information on the blood moons. There is also an interesting pattern I found and wrote on, link below, too.

http://watch.org/showart.php3?idx=104119 [detailed info on the blood moons from past to present]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e25L8YA9KX8&sns=em [You Tube of man whose info is in article above]


Below is the link to the publication with the statements from Kaduri that give information on the Messiah and his coming. I bolded the areas that show information that goes against Scripture and added commentary in brackets [ ]. This article was published before Ariel Sharon died January 2014.


A few months before Kaduri died at the age of 108, he surprised his followers when he told them that he met the Messiah. Kaduri gave a message in his synagogue on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, teaching how to recognize the Messiah. He also mentioned that the Messiah would appear to Israel after Ariel Sharon’s death. (The former prime minister is still in a coma after suffering a massive stroke more than a year ago.) Other rabbis predict the same, including Rabbi Haim Cohen, kabbalist Nir Ben Artzi and the wife of Rabbi Haim Kneiveskzy.

Kaduri’s grandson, Rabbi Yosef Kaduri, said his grandfather spoke many times during his last days about the coming of the Messiah and redemption through the Messiah. His spiritual portrayals of the Messiah—reminiscent of New Testament accounts—were published on the websites Kaduri.net and Nfc:

“It is hard for many good people in the society to understand the person of the Messiah. The leadership and order of a Messiah of flesh and blood is hard to accept for many in the nation. [CHRIST will no longer be flesh and blood, HE will look as HE did as the WORD] As leader, the Messiah will not hold any office, but will be among the people and use the media to communicate. His reign will be pure and without personal or political desire. [HE will be our KING and I have every belief HE will not need our media as HE is ELOHIM] During his dominion, only righteousness and truth will reign.

“Will all believe in the Messiah right away? No, in the beginning some of us will believe in him and some not. It will be easier for non-religious people to follow the Messiah than for Orthodox people.

“The revelation of the Messiah will be fulfilled in two stages: First, he will actively confirm his position as Messiah without knowing himself that he is the Messiah. Then he will reveal himself to some Jews, not necessarily to wise Torah scholars. It can be even simple people. Only then he will reveal himself to the whole nation. [HE will be revealed per the Scripture quoted above and HE certainly knows who HE is] The people will wonder and say: ‘What, that’s the Messiah?’ Many have known his name but have not believed that he is the Messiah.” [end of excerpts from article]

The MESSIAH/CHRIST said to always be ready for HIS return. It also says in Scripture that those who are closest to YHWH will be protected and won’t hunger during the difficult times. The wise [prepared] virgins got to go in the door with the BRIDEGROOM. The foolish [unprepared] virgins were locked outside the door. They did not do their work to be prepared. Pray and ask our FATHER in Heaven for only the Truth in your life; for what work you still need to do to be prepared for CHRIST’S return or for when your time is up – whichever is first; ask for what you need to be wise and not foolish; ask for what needs to be done for you to be blemish, stain, and wrinkle free, and clean; for you to have eyes, ears, heart, mind, your whole being open to receiving the Truth; ask if there is anything you are not righteous about; ask to love what FATHER/SON/SPIRIT love. May you be blessed with all of these good things and to be as close as possible to ELOHIM forever, AMEN!!!


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