Song – Come and see the KING!

From: John [Yochanan] 1, Acts 5:32, John 4

In the beginning, YOU the WORD, were with ELOHIM and were ELOHIM.

All came to be through YOU because in YOU is LIFE which is the TRUE LIGHT of men!

YOUR LIGHT shines and darkness cannot overcome it!

YOU became flesh and gave us grace and TRUTH, and the power to become children of ELOHIM by believing in YOUR NAME!

I have no idea what YOU, my ELOHIM, went through for me being born and living in a body of flesh.

I weep that YOU knew the world but the world did not know YOU.

That all was made through YOU and YOUR own did not even receive YOU.

YOU the LAMB of ELOHIM who took away the sin of the world!

The SPIRIT, the SET-APART SPIRIT, came down from Heaven and remained on YOU.

YOUR disciples immersed, they baptized in HIM, YOUR LIVING WATER, not a dove!

YOU, the MESSIAH, the ANOINTED, ask us to follow YOU, to come and see the SOVEREIGN, the KING of Yisrael whom the Heavens opened for!

Whom the messengers, the angels of ELOHIM, ascended and descended on, YOU the SON of Adam, the SON of Man!

I follow YOU, I want to come and see!

I want TRUTH and not deceit!

I want TRUE LIGHT and not darkness!

I can never repay YOU for taking away my sin, by believing in YOUR NAME!

I thank YOU for YOUR LIVING WATER and for teaching me to obey, so that HE will stay with me!

I praise YOU my only KING, SOVEREIGN of Yisrael!



You may send this to others with the full link attached. If anyone has any interest to turn this into a song with music, or publish it for public use, or use it in any way to make money, you must get in touch with me first to get my permission and to work out a suitable agreement. Please see the link at the top of the page for contacting me. All rights are reserved for my use and decisions. If anyone takes advantage of this, I ask our FATHER in Heaven to get involved and for HIS Will to be done in regards to what is right and fair, in the NAME of HIS SON – YAHSHUA HA’MASHIACH YHWH [JOSHUA aka JESUS CHRIST the LORD], AMEN!




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