Song – The TRUE Dwelling Place!

From: John [Yochanan] 2

My MESSIAH who always does Good, in the beginning all that was made through YOU, the WORD, was very Good!

The beginning of YOUR signs, YOUR miracles, YOU made Good wine.

Because the master of the feast said, “Every man at the beginning sets out the good wine, and when they have drunk, then that which is poorer”, I knew this was not grape juice!!

After this YOU, my MESSIAH, went to Yerushalayim for the Pesach Feast.

YOU found in the Set-Apart Place money changers and people selling oxen, sheep, and doves.

YOU made a whip of cords and YOU drove them all out, YOU drove them all away.

YOU were eaten up by what they did to YOUR FATHER’S House!

YOUR zeal was for it not being a House of merchandise!

The Yehudim who had their eyes closed, who did not know the truth, questioned YOU about YOUR doings.

They did not understand YOUR Body was the TRUE Dwelling Place.

They only knew the stones they saw in front of them.

They did not know YOUR FATHER or YOU HIS WORD!

Many believed in YOUR NAME when they saw YOUR signs and wonders, but YOU knew their hearts and did not entrust YOURSELF to them!

YOU who are Good, deserve only Good!

YOU did not have returned to YOU what YOU gave.

Thank YOU for a new beginning, through YOUR Body the TRUE Dwelling Place!


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