Song – To see HIS Kingdom

From John [Yochanan] 3:

To enter into the Reign of ELOHIM, to see HIS Kingdom,

One must be born from Above.

Born of LIVING WATER, born of the SPIRIT, not born of flesh.

Those born of the SPIRIT, like the wind you hear them

But do not know where they come from or where they go.

For ELOHIM so loved the world that HE gave us HIS SON,

HIS only Begotten ONE!

HE who was lifted up, like Mosheh lifted up the serpent,

For us to escape judgement and death,

For us to have everlasting life!

HE is the LIGHT that came into the world!

Those who love darkness and hate the LIGHT

Do not come to HIM, they want HIS enemies instead.

The ones doing the Truth, whose works are clearly seen,

come to the LIGHT because they love HIM!

The ONE who has the bride is the BRIDEGROOM!

All was given into HIS Hand

Because the FATHER loves the SON!

Believe in the SON to have Life Everlasting!

Obey the SON to see that Life,

Or ELOHIM’S Wrath remains on you!

You may send this to others with the full link attached. If anyone has any interest to turn this into a song with music, or publish it for public use, or use it in any way to make money, you must get in touch with me first to get my permission and to work out a suitable agreement. Please see the link at the top of the page for contacting me. All rights are reserved for my use and decisions. If anyone takes advantage of this, I ask our FATHER in Heaven to get involved and for HIS Will to be done in regards to what is right and fair, in the NAME of HIS SON – YAHSHUA HA’MASHIACH YHWH [JOSHUA aka JESUS CHRIST the LORD], AMEN!

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