Happy Birthday YAHSHUA/JESUS!!!

Readers: Please check back as this is a study in progress.

http://www.jewsforjesus.org/publications/newsletter/september-2000/feastoftrumpets [Scripture study on the meaning of Feast of Trumpets]


Please see the above link for the background information on YAHSHUA’S/JESUS’S birthday. YAHSHUA, my KING/SAVIOR, I know I failed in getting this out for YOU on 9/21 and I ask for YOUR forgiveness!!! THANK YOU!!! I will continue to work on improving our relationship!!!

May the whole world thank, praise, and bless YOU, YAHSHUA/JESUS, and YOUR NAME!!! [Matthew/Mattityahu 21:9; Psalm/Tehillim 118:26] Continue reading

Cortney Stiles – My many demon experiences

This article helped me immensely when I was dealing with my near possession before I turned back to YAHSHUA/JESUS the right way. The author gave me permission to print this here as the original link to the article is not valid anymore. I experienced some of what happened to Courtney. Having the courage to publish frightening, embarrassing, even controversial information that is true in order to help others is more important than one might realize. If you are the one going through difficult things and need to find out if others have experienced what you are going through, it can be a huge help and relief and could even save a life and/or someone’s sanity! Blessings to you both Courtney and Tom and to anyone else out there who does not hide their light as YAHSHUA/JESUS asked us to do! Shalom! Continue reading