Happy Birthday YAHSHUA/JESUS!!!

Readers: Please check back as this is a study in progress.

http://www.jewsforjesus.org/publications/newsletter/september-2000/feastoftrumpets [Scripture study on the meaning of Feast of Trumpets]


Please see the above link for the background information on YAHSHUA’S/JESUS’S birthday. YAHSHUA, my KING/SAVIOR, I know I failed in getting this out for YOU on 9/21 and I ask for YOUR forgiveness!!! THANK YOU!!! I will continue to work on improving our relationship!!!

May the whole world thank, praise, and bless YOU, YAHSHUA/JESUS, and YOUR NAME!!! [Matthew/Mattityahu 21:9; Psalm/Tehillim 118:26]

Thank YOU:

Our TRUE BREAD/MANNA/MAN from Heaven, the BREAD of ELOHIM, the BREAD of LIFE who nourishes us!!! [John/Yochanan 6:22-59]

Our daily Bread who we need to rely on each day for everything!!! [Matthew/Mattityahu 6:11, Luke 11:3, Psalm/Tehillim 34:10]

Our ISHI [HUSBAND/MAN] Hosea [Hoshea] 2:16-23, who loves and takes a bride unto HIM forever in righteousness, right-ruling, loving-commitment, compassion, and trustworthiness!!! http://www.abarim-publications.com/Meaning/Ishi.html#.VCCkGBYw9_g

YOU put up with us causing YOU anger/groaning and misunderstanding YOUR Words!!!  http://glclifestyling.com/2013/05/23/is-your-belief-in-the-messiah-christ-allowing-his-miracles-or-causing-him-to-groan/ 

YOU, an IMMORTAL BEING, agreed to be born in a BODY of FLESH and experienced being a baby through an adult and even a physical death for us!!! Matthew/Mattityahu 1:18-25, chapter 27; Mark chapter 15; Luke chapter 23; John/Yochanan chapter 19

YOU let YOURSELF be bought for the price of a woman instead of a man; were humiliated, spat upon, mocked, scourged, blasphemed, and people plotted your destruction!!! Matthew/Mattityahu 9:1-8, 9:32-34, 10:25, 11:19, 12:1-37, 15:7-9, 16:21, 17:12, 17:22-23, 20:18-19, 20:28, 21:33-46, 26:67, 27:3-10, all of chapter 27; Zechariah/Z’kharyah 11:12-13; Leviticus/Wayikra 27:4; Mark 14:65 and chapter 15; Luke 22:63-65 and chapter 23; John/Yochanan 18:22-23 and chapter 19

YOU put up with our disbelief and not understanding [and still do]!!! YOU were even asked to leave a town!!! Matthew/Mattityahu 8:23-34, 13:54-58, 14:28-31, 15:10-20, 16:5-12, 16:22-23, 17:17-21, 19:13-15

YOU said YOU did not come to bring peace on Earth but division!!! YOU put up with Churches and people teaching a different message today than the message YOU taught!!! Matthew/Mattityahu 10:34-41 and chapters 5,6,7

YOU had nowhere to lay YOUR Head!!! Matthew/Mattityahu 8:20

YOU were provoked and tried by YOUR enemies!!! Matthew/Mattityahu 12:34, 15:7-9, 21:12-16, 22:15-46, chapter 23,

YOU love being believed!!! Matthew/Mattityahu 8:5-13, 8:23-27, 15:22-28, 9:18-31

ELOHIM delights in YOU!!! Matthew/Mattityahu 3:17, 12:18, 17:5; Mark 1:11, 9:7

YOUR enemy moved YOUR Body of Flesh!!! [I can’t imagine how that must have made YOU feel!!!] Matthew/Mattityahu 4:1-11

YOU were hailed a KING when born and before YOU died and arose from the grave and will be hailed a KING when YOU return!!! Matthew/Mattityahu chapter 2, 21:1-11





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