Craig Hill – The Father’s Blessing

This teaching is a big blessing. Have you heard of Craig Hill and the Father’s Blessing? He speaks of how the Jewish people are only a very small percentage of the American population, yet they hold many top positions in banking, teaching, and other fields. He said it is due to their culture of blessing their children and families and not cursing them like many do in America.

Parents prophesy over children with their words and do not realize they could be speaking curses instead of blessings and that their children may live up to these words. The Bible says we speak life and death with our tongues/words over other people and ourselves, too [Ezekiel/Yechezk’el 37:3-6. Proverbs/Mishlei 5:3, 7:5, 10:11-14, 12:18, 13:2-3, 15:1/4/23, 16:24, 18:21, 22:6, 25:18. Psalms/Tehillim 64:3, 140:3, 141:3. Matthew/Mattityahu 5:9, 12:36-37. Luke 6:45. John/Yochanan 6:63/68, 8:44. Ephesians 4:29-32. Hebrews 4:12, 11:2. James/Ya’akov 1;19, 3:1-3/6-8.].
People in our culture also may not release children to be adults like the Jewish culture does and the result is many adults who feel like lost children. Mr. Hill says it is the dad’s job to bless his family.  If the dad never blessed his family and still will not do it or is not around or living, it can even be made up for later in life without the dad participating.

May any curse of illness, disobedience, lack, unloving, deception, rejection, anger, torment, pride, unforgiveness, fear, anxiety, stress, bitterness, pain, envy, lust, witchcraft, occultism [anything hidden], freemasonry, greed, or anything wrong be broken and cleaned out and healed in YAHSHUA’S [JESUS’S] NAME! May as many as possible have blessings of good things, peace, obedience, righteousness, life, love, patience, gentleness, mercy, maturity, compassion, truth, health, forgiveness, strength, gratitude, humility, prosperity, or whatever else is needed and may they be filled and sealed by the HOLY [SET-APART] SPIRIT. AMEN!


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