Halloween: J John Canon, Passion for Truth, Kirk Cameron

Please see the links below for thought provoking information on halloween, its origins and the truth. Do you believe ELOHIM/GOD: our FATHER in Heaven, JESUS/JOSHUA/YESHUA, and the HOLY [SET-APART] SPIRIT have feelings? If so, what do you believe those feelings are towards halloween and why? Would you be willing to give up how you feel about it if ELOHIM [Hebrew word for GOD] showed you that you were wrong? May we all be blessed with the TRUTH and the ability to see, hear, recognize, understand, and be teachable to receive and love only the TRUTH and no deception!   Thank YOU for YOUR help with this our BELOVED FATHER/ABBA in Heaven, in the NAME of YOUR BELOVED SON JOSHUA/JESUS our MESSIAH/CHRIST and YHWH/LORD, AMEN!!! THANK YOU BELOVED HOLY [SET-APART] SPIRIT and JOSHUA/JESUS, too!



http://www.christianpost.com/news/kirk-cameron-on-halloween-christians-should-have-the-biggest-party-on-the-block-128345/  [May Kirk and those whose lives he touches be blessed with the above prayer, too! AMEN!!!]

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