Struck by lightening. What do you think HE is trying to tell us?

Exodus/Sh’mot 20:4  English Standard Version
“You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.

Give me the power – Harness the power of lightning overlooking the city. [Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil]

The statue was struck by lightning during a violent thunderstorm on February 10, 2008, and suffered some damage to the fingers, head and eyebrows. A restoration effort was put in place by the Rio de Janeiro state government to replace some of the outer soapstone layers and repair the lightning rods installed on the statue. It was damaged by lightning again, on January 17, 2014, where a finger on the right hand was dislodged.[10][1  [more info in regards to Exodus 20:4]


On June 15, 2010, the statue was struck by lightning and consumed in the resulting blaze.[6] The statue had been sculpted using a thin skin of fiberglass over a flammable styrofoam interior stabilized by a metal frame,[2] and the fire consumed all but the internal metal structure. Following the fire, the pastor of the church stated that the church planned to rebuild the statue with fireproof material.[7][8] In the days after the destruction, the church’s digital sign displayed the message “He’ll be back”.[9]

Although the statue cost about $250,000 to construct, it was insured for $500,000 because the artist, Brad Coriell, had donated his time to the creation.[3] Damage to the statue and amphitheater was estimated at $700,000 – $300,000 for the statue and $400,000 for the amphitheater.[9][10] PETA offered funding through an “anonymous Christian donor” to help rebuild the statue if allowed to promote veganism at the church.[11]

Replacement statue

Main article: Lux Mundi (statue)

Construction of a 52-foot replacement statue with a substantially different design began in June 2012. The new statue, called Lux Mundi, was assembled on the site on September 19, 2012 and dedicated on September 30, 2012.[12][13]  [A list of statues around the world. This also includes a list of statues destroyed and a list of statues being built.]

Lightning streaks across the sky as lava flows from a volcano in Iceland. If the supervolcano at Yellowstone erupted it would be like Armageddon. Photo: Reuters  [Lightning struck the Vatican on day Pope Benedict announced his resignation. Also says there is a history of lightning hitting the Vatican. Interesting and amusing article.]
[From link above] “Update: Exactly on the day that the pope has boarded an airplane towards Amman, Jordan, an earthquake struck the border area in between Jordan and Israel also exactly the 2 countries the Pope will visit.” [I believe ELOHIM is very clear.]

[(CNN) — A lightning strike killed 11 members of an indigenous tribe in northern Colombia Monday after an electrical storm broke out during an early morning ritual.]
[Apparently the building was much loved. Hit in October.]
[Hit in June, these people had to fellowship at another denomination’s church and they understand people are more important than a building. Also noted is how the steeple had previously been torn off by lightening. Steeples are actually pagan symbols. See ]  [The church focused on the birth of the Virgin Mary. No person should be put above ELOHIM. CHRIST’S own words from Luke 11:27-28 were to admonish people about not focusing on her but instead on ELOHIM’S Word. Hit in July.] [The steeple is mentioned as being hit by lightning and started a blaze. Hit in July.]  [Hit in July.]–163263416.html [Another hit in July and this church has been destroyed 3x in its history.] [Lightning hit the bell tower steeple first. Church was previously destroyed by tornado. Hit in August.] [Steeple hit in May.] [ Steeple hit in June.]
[Some interesting and sad bits in here to take note of.]
[modern day tower of Babel]


The world's tallest building becomes even taller when it is zapped by a massive lightning bolt in an amazing display of mother nature at its most awe-inspiring


Lightning amazingly Shot – perfectly timed – Putting up a shocking light show at night.

Craig Hill – The Father’s Blessing

This teaching is a big blessing. Have you heard of Craig Hill and the Father’s Blessing? He speaks of how the Jewish people are only a very small percentage of the American population, yet they hold many top positions in banking, teaching, and other fields. He said it is due to their culture of blessing their children and families and not cursing them like many do in America.

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Obelisks as monuments [matzevot] – the curses of Egypt are upon us!

From the links below, it looks like matzevot are used as monuments and an obelisk is one form it can take. Considering the numerous verses where ELOHIM is clear that anything pagan separates HIM from HIS people and HE commanded to be the only ONE worshiped by them, it is sad that many today [Christians and Jews] do not realize what they are embracing since the obelisk was specifically for a pagan deity, the sun god. Continue reading

Mount Ontake, another sign from above!

[The paragraph below is from the link above]

Ontake is a major sacred mountain, and following older shamanistic practices, actors and artists have gone to the mountain to put themselves into trances in order to get divine inspiration for their creative activities.[4] Bernbaum, Edwin (1997). Sacred Mountains of the World. Berkeley & Los Angeles: University of California Press.

The above explains why ELOHIM [Hebrew word for GOD and who I believe is FATHER/SON/SPIRIT] chose that volcano to erupt. The practices of the enemy have been taking place on it. In Scripture it is very clear ELOHIM hates high places where people worship HIS enemy! HE wants anything to do with worshiping of others destroyed! ESV Leviticus 26:30 “And I will destroy your high places and cut down your incense altars and cast your dead bodies upon the dead bodies of your idols, and my soul will abhor you.” Pleeease read the whole of Leviticus/Wayikra 26. It is about blessings for obedience and curses for disobedience. It is very insightful!!! Continue reading