Unclean spirits are real today, too…

JF, was obese and had numerous cats to the point of horrible uncleanness. Both are signs of a hold of spiritual wickedness. GOD/ELOHIM [Hebrew word for GOD] allowed me to be at the hospital when she was getting an x-ray and I got to see it on the machine and get a copy of it later. I saw three demons in her chest x-ray: a pointed eared elf like face with a large fancy necklace with gems was over her heart/left breast [She recognized the description and said her mother battled it. Her mother taught her how to contact spirits.], a tiny face biting on her where her pain was, and a boar with a long snout in her stomach. I believe from Biblical research that unclean spirits are a type of water vapor that inhabits the voids of our bodies because of sin. More on this in another study.

I have not written up about this fully yet, but one study I wrote up [link below] has a link to medical x-rays shown on Huffington Post that were classified as weird looking [they did not say they were demons] and clearly show demonic and other faces in some of them. I gave info in my study on several of the x-rays in the article and what I saw and how others can find what I see on the x-rays. Many believers in JESUS/YESHUA [HIS NAME in Aramaic] do not want to believe that demons can enter them but we know from Scripture that the enemy can have a legal right if the person is involved in any sin that has not been turned from and washed clean! John/Yochanan 5:13-15, Mark 2:4-9, Matthew/Mattityahu 9:1-6, Luke 5:18-23]

Another person who believes that demons can inhabit Believers [Christians/Messianic] bodies is Henry Wright from Be In Health [beinhealth.com] who has over 20 years of documented healing in his ministry and talks about how many in churches do not want to believe his research. One example of healing is a woman who had osteoporosis and he quoted her “envy and jealousy are rottenness to the bones” from Scripture, Proverbs/Mishlei 14:30. She admitted she had a problem with envy and he told her to get right with GOD. She did and went back to her doctor and her bones were normal! She connected to the blessing instead of the curse! The Old Testament still has validity today in addition to the New Testament. Through both we get to know our GOD/ELOHIM and HIS enemy! Parts of the Old Testament are not valid anymore because of the Second Covenant, but most of it is still needed by us and the parts that are not valid reveal our GOD/ELOHIM to us in the First Covenant HE had with HIS people. [Ezekiel/Yechezk’El 16 and 23, Isaiah/Yesha’Yahu 50:1, Jeremiah/Yirmeyahu 3:7-9].

Aramaic Bible in Plain English  But when Yeshua heard, he said to them, “The healthy have no need for a physician, but those who have become very ill; I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”, Mark 2:17 [Matthew/Mattityahu 9:12-13, Luke 5:31-32]! How many Believers who need a doctor are willing to examine the possibility of sin/unrighteousness in their lives!  It could even take the form of not taking care of our bodies which are the Temple of the HOLY SPIRIT, we could be sinning against our own flesh with some of our actions! Many do not want to hear this and other things that GOD/ELOHIM has shown in Scripture. I wouldn’t be surprised if some prayers for healing were not answered by GOD/ELOHIM because of the person not recognizing the sin they are involved in. If any do not turn from sin after being healed, they might end up in a worse place with more demonic issues!

http://jerusalemchannel.tv/video/video-daring-exploits-age-indifference/   [Christine Darg talks about this amongst other things in this video. She quotes Proverbs/Mishlei 3:7-8 in regards to healing.]

Trust in the Lord – Proverbs 3:
7Do not be wise in your own eyes; Fear the LORD and turn away from evil. 8It will be healing to your body And refreshment to your bones.

I hope this is helpful to you! I believe GOD/ELOHIM is using me as an “environmental spokesperson and educator”. HE has taught me to recognize some holds of the enemy in a person by noticing things about their bodies and ways, what is going on in the environment too, and there is Scripture that reveals more then people may realize. I hope the content of the link below will be of help to you too!


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