Strange Similarities Between Vancouver and Los Angeles Earthquakes 12/29/2015

Both the LA quake and the Van Couver quake had epicenters 48 miles from the largest nearby city. The Vancouver magnitude was 4.8 while the LA magnitude was 4.4. The LA quake’s depth was 4 miles and the Vancouver depth was 32 miles. 32 divided by 4 = 8. So we have these recurring numbers going on with both quakes. Also interesting in the history of the explorer Vancouver, he missed out on meeting up with a fellow explorer, Alexander Mackenzie, by 48 days.

The epicenter of the LA quake was at Devore. The word devore has a meaning of “burning the pile away”. The word Van Couver includes meanings “of/from” “smoulder/simmering”. So those two cities have a similarity in name meaning going on. Also Victoria and Victorville would have similar meanings as well as Los Angeles and Port Angeles.

Within the 48 mile zone of the quake near Los Angeles is Victorville while the epicenter of the Van Couver quake was Victoria. The boundary of Victoria is next to Port Angeles, WA. So we have similarities of names going on with both zones.

Please see below for the links where I obtained the information above. If one or both areas have more quakes that fit in with the above pattern that would be of note too.

[On February 16, 2016 – 7 weeks/49 days after the LA and Vancouver earthquakes, a magnitude 4.8 earthquake hit near Big Pine, CA. which is around 250 miles north of LA.   ]

[On February 24, 2016 – This site shows earthquakes around the world which can be sorted by different criteria. Interesting almost square pattern showing up on and near Vancouver Island. The site also said there were over 52,000 earthquakes in the last year of a 1.5 magnitude or higher!  ]   [Main story showing both quakes. Excerpt below.]

The Earthquakes

At 5:48pm local time on Tuesday, Los Angeles was shaken by a magnitude 4.4 earthquake. A few hours later at 11:39pm local time, Vancouver was rattled by a magnitude 4.8 earthquake. Both their epicenters were 48 miles (78 kilometers) away from the largest nearby city: the LA earthquake was northeast near Devore, while the Vancouver earthquake was southwest near Victoria. The LA earthquake was shallower at 4 miles (6 kilometers); the Vancouver earthquake was deeper at 32 miles (52 kilometers). That difference in depth is a hint about their dramatically different origin stories.

[Devore means: burning the pile away/to devour.]

van (Dutch) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[van is a preposition in the Dutch and Afrikaans languages, meaning “of” or “from”.] [There are multiple meanings to “couver”  including to brood but one is to “smoulder” – look towards end of list.] [Towards end of list: brewing or simmering.] [Shows Victorville near Los Angeles.],+BC,+Canada/@48.4272722,-123.4042503,13z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x548f738bddb06171:0x38e8f3741ebb48ed    [Shows Victoria, BC and Port Angeles, WA boundary lines.]   [Verifies the Vancouver quake magnitude and depth.]  [Verifies epicenter of Vancouver quake. Distance between Vancouver and Victoria is 58.65 miles – 11 miles since epicenter was 11mi/17km NNE from Victoria = 47.65 round up to 48 miles.] [Verifies the magnitude and depth of the LA quake.]

Further explorations [George vancouver]

The next year, 1793, he returned to British Columbia and proceeded further north, unknowingly missing the overland explorer Alexander Mackenzie by only 48 days.

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