If You Love Israel – Are Amazon, Whole Foods, and the Washington Post Off Limits!

Jeff Bezos owns all these companies. With Amazon buying Whole Foods recently, I have prayed about what this means because we need healthy food. even though Whole Foods sells junk [said by the founder himself], there is good too. More than the average store. Look at what amazon did the day after buying whole foods. they lowered prices on some key items by up to 43% – what sales tactic! Look below at various posts concerning Israel and amazon and how Bezos supports gay marriage which is against the Bible. Remember, those who bless Israel are blessed and Those who curse Israel are cursed per scripture!

I have decided to not support amazon or whole foods anymore. What do you think?

I have many ideas for what committed believers in YAHSHUA/JESUS can start doing to grow righteous businesses that sell only GOOD things that GOD/ELOHIM made and is of HIM and not HIS enemy, meaning what is good and renews life not what is bad and brings on death. We need to also not support companies that go against what the Bible says. another thing, Why is there such competition and cursing and hate in society when per Scripture we should be doing to others what we would want done to us? besides caring more for our fellow brothers and sisters we also need to be the stewards of creatures and the earth the bible calls us to be! Start wanting only GOOD in everything we do and get educated about what is not of our GOD/ELOHIM! Choose HIM and get rid of all else, AMEN!

Am praying for people to come together who want what is righteous and for the money needed to do these things. Even a Christian/Messianic based business could be accomplished that could take the place of amazon or whole foods. We need to not be complacent and take more responsibility with the many choices we make in life. look at who we are supporting with our money and their values! Who wants to talk to me about this? Blessings to please our GOD/ELOHIM and for us to have GOOD! Gail

The Amazon.com founder and CEO is a strong backer of gay marriage and an internet sales tax but otherwise fairly opaque.  https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2013/08/the-politics-of-new-i-washington-post-i-owner-jeff-bezos/278385/

Bezos’ visit included meetings with the managers and staff of Annapurna Labs, the Israeli startup Amazon bought in 2015 for $360 million that will serve as the basis for the company’s major upgrade and expansion of its Israeli operations. The U.S. company, which is best known as the world’s biggest online retailer but is also the biggest provider of cloud-computing services, is expected to concentrate its R&D operations in Israel into a new building at the Matam Technology Park in Haifa.
read more: Amazon’s operations have been scattered between Annapurna’s office in Yokne’am, Haifa and Ramat Gan. [Haifa is home to the Bahai World Centre. I spoke to one person of the Bahai faith and he told me that Israel is what it is because of the Bahai!] read more: https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/business/1.758632

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