Dad’s Day vs Father’s Day – what gift will you give our FATHER in Heaven?

“And do not call anyone on earth your father, for ONE is your Father, HE who is in the heavens.”  Mattityahu [Matthew] 23:9. Based on this verse, calling anyone on earth “father” is a mocking to our FATHER in Heaven! When I realized it, I believe I shook my head that there was in Scripture yet another way revealed how we are hurting our ABBA [Hebrew for father] in Heaven and not obeying HIS SON our MESSIAH [CHRIST]! The depths of mocking ELOHIM [Hebrew for GOD and who I believe is FATHER/SON/SPIRIT] experiences from HIS own people is amazing. Much is right in front of us and many are blind, they do not see and/or they do not understand.

Right now with Father’s Day fast approaching, I wanted to share this so that people would have an opportunity to think about and pray on it. I realize that many might think that this is trivial and not believe that anything needs to change but I truly have no doubt in my mind that this, and so much that we do, hurts our ELOHIM deeply.  Anything that hurts ELOHIM should change now because we should love ELOHIM that much.

I thankfully called my earthly male parent “dad” and I count it a blessing based on the verse above. I also want to point out that, per the same verse, calling a priest “father” also mocks our ABBA in Heaven and should not be done either. Remember, our YHWH ELOHIM’S ways and thoughts are not our ways and thoughts and HE says not to go by our own understanding [Yesha’yahu – Isaiah – 55:8-9 and Mishlei – Proverbs – 3:5]. Please go to our FATHER in Heaven in prayer and ask HIM how HE feels about what is written here [Mattityahu – Matthew – 6:9].

After everything ELOHIM has done for me, I only want to bring a smile to HIS face and joy to HIS heart so anything I can do to achieve this, however big or small, I hope to do and I chose to give up for HIM. Hoshea [Hosea] 3:1, “…just as Adonai [this is Hebrew for LORD, but “YHWH” should be used. See this for details: ]  loves the people of Isra’el, even though they turn to other gods and love the raisin cakes [offered to them]”. This hurt HIM! HIS own people loved raisins and what they made with them and offering these cakes to other gods more than HIM, when HE gave them the raisins and took care of them!

Read Yechezk’el [Ezekiel] 16:17-21 to get the main point and the whole chapter to get the whole story. I do not want to love anything or anyone above our YHWH ELOHIM because this is a command [D’varim – Deuteronomy – 6:5, Luke 10:27, Mark 12:30]. I have been trying my best to obey and put HIM first in all things. While not always successful, I try.

So how about calling it Dad’s Day and calling your “father” dad. Mark out “father” on the card you bought and write “dad” instead. Keep an eye on my blog because I will be researching writing up a petition to the U.S. Government agency that handles holidays, the Vatican, Hallmark, American Greetings, etc. See how ELOHIM might work through you to show any priests you know the verse above and see if they would give up being called “father”. I have no doubt our FATHER in Heaven will love HIS FATHER’S DAY present and that it will bring a smile to HIS Face and joy to HIS Heart which, during these days of great darkness and deception and mocking, is not as often as it should be!

Happy ABBA’s DAY to our ABBA in Heaven – I Love YOU!!!

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