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The information below is VERY IMPORTANT! Please read the whole article below the excerpt about root canals and dental/body health.

GM: Yes. Dr. Price traveled all over the world doing his research on primitive peoples who still lived in their native ways. He found 14 cultural pockets scattered all over the globe where the natives had no access to “civilization” – and ate no refined foods.

Dr. Price studied their diets carefully. He found they varied greatly, but the one thing they had in common was that they ate whole, unrefined foods. With absolutely no access to tooth brushes, floss, fluoridated water, or toothpaste, the primitive peoples studied were almost 100% free of tooth decay.

Further — and not unrelated — they were also almost 100% free of all the degenerative diseases we suffer — problems with the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, joints, skin (allergies), and the whole gamut of illnesses that plague Mankind. No one food proved to be magic as a preventive food. I believe we can thrive best by eating a wide variety of whole foods.

Tumeric for healing [inflammation, teeth/gum, digestion, etc] in humans and animals