Tumeric for healing [inflammation, teeth/gum, digestion, etc] in humans and animals

Turmeric is an effective anti-inflammatory per science research. Inflammation is the root behind many diseases like cancer, arthritis, IBS, gum/teeth/heart issues, etc. Curcumin is the potent fighter contained in turmeric. The last link below, from an Australian Vet who uses tumeric preparations on his animal patients, contains information about being careful on consuming too much curcumin or for a prolonged period of time. He recommends using turmeric whole instead. This information I have not seen in other articles and recommend reading it. May this information be a blessing to you and I ask our Well Beloved FATHER in Heaven for whatever help you need for now and for eternity in HIS Precious SON’S NAME, JESUS CHRIST the LORD/YAHSHUA HA’MASHIACH YHWH, AMEN!


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Nowadays people are more obsessed with oral hygiene than they ever were before. Unfortunately, many of these same people live lifestyles that prevent them from having the healthiest teeth they can have. People are often rushing to get to work in the morning, not spending enough time brushing their teeth and consuming food and beverages that heavily stain their teeth, such as coffee.

Dental hygiene companies often advertise toothpaste that whitens your teeth, however these have been shown to cause damage to your tooth enamel if used too often.

Other side effects include tooth sensitivity and gum damage due to irritation of soft tissue in the mouth. In some cases the side effects caused by tooth whitening products have been irreversible.

There are many reasons to switch from commercial, store-bought products to natural teeth whiteners. Aside from the fact that store-bought products contain ingredients that are actually harmful to your oral health, natural teeth whiteners will provide a more effective clean for your teeth.

This recipe revolves around turmeric, a spice which has proven to provide many benefits aside from oral health.

According to a study conducted by the Indian Society of Periodontology, turmeric was shown to be just as effective as a typical mouthwash when it came to oral health. Turmeric was shown to be incredibly effective at preventing plaque build-up and gingivitis and had noticeable anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric was also bio-compatible with all of the subjects who used it, meaning that they did not suffer from any side effects.

Virgin coconut oil is also an important addition to this natural teeth whitener due to it’s antimicrobial properties. Various strains of bacteria have been shown to be inhibited by the medium-chain fatty acids that are derived from virgin coconut oil, making it the perfect supplement to put in oral hygiene products in order to help ward off infections.

  • One table spoon of virgin coconut oil
  • One teaspoon of turmeric powder
  • Peppermint oil
  • Mix the ingredients until it forms a thick paste.
  • Apply the mixture to your toothbrush as you would with regular toothpaste.
  • Let the turmeric-toothpaste sit on your teeth for three to five minutes, allowing the whitening and anti-bacterial properties of the paste to really come into affect.
  • Spit out the excess paste and rinse out your mouth

You should notice your teeth beginning to whiten within the next few days. Now you have an all-natural teeth whitening tooth paste without any harmful side-effects!


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This is an excerpt from the above link:AYURVEDA” (Ayu-life and Veda-science) system of Indian medicine has been used successfully for treating various systemic ailments. Turmeric, more commonly known as “HALDI”, in its various forms is a very auspicious element in many religious ceremonies in Hindu families.   

This reminds believers in JESUS/YAHSHUA to be cautious about not getting involved in pagan practices. While GOD/ELOHIM of the Bible did make tumeric and am not concerned about that, Ayurveda is Indian medicine and may have connections with their religion. I have read where sometimes people received a formula for a medicine from their god or created something and offered it to their god. I try to use herbal wisdom from scientific evaluations not folklore especially from medicine men, witch doctors, shamans, etc. Pray and see where GOD/ELOHIM guides with all! HE knows what is of HIS enemy, AMEN! I have asked our FATHER/ABBA in Heaven for discernment, to love what HE/HIS SON/HOLY SPIRIT love and hate what they hate, and I feel blessed by how my tastes have changed! Golden Milk, mentioned in links below, is an Ayurvedic drink. If I made the tumeric paste base, I would come up with my own recipe instead of making golden milk or use it in tea or a smoothie as I have read elsewhere.

Below are other links about using tumeric for health benefits:


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Turmeric’s benefits have since been well documented in the medical literature, and curcumin — one of the most well-studied bioactive ingredients in turmeric –  has been found to promote health and protect against a wide variety of health conditions.

It actually exhibits over 150 potentially therapeutic activities, including anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity, as well as potent anti-cancer properties that have been intensely studied.

Researchers have found a number of different mechanisms of action for curcumin, and part of the answer as to why curcumin appears to be such potent medicine is because it can:

  • Modulate about 700 of your genes
  • Positively modulate more than 160 different physiological pathways1
  • Make your cells’ membranes more orderly2
  • Affect signaling molecules.3 For example, curcumin has been shown to directly interact with:
Inflammatory molecules Cell survival proteins Histone
Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV1) integrase and protease DNA and RNA Various carrier proteins and metal ions

Turmeric Lowers Inflammation and Blood Sugar Levels

Curcumin is one of the most potent anti-inflammatories in nature, which is why, if you’re struggling with any inflammatory disorder, golden milk is a beverage worth trying.

Many chronic diseases have inflammation at their root, and even if you’re currently healthy, you may benefit from an anti-inflammatory beverage like golden milk, particularly if you eat an inflammatory diet (one that is high in processed foods, sugars, and/or grains).

Curcumin can inhibit both the activity and the synthesis of cyclooxygenase-2 (COX2) and 5-lipoxygenase (5-LOX), as well as other enzymes that have been implicated in inflammation.

A 2006 study also found that a turmeric extract composed of curcuminoids (curcumin is the most investigated curcuminoid) blocked inflammatory pathways, effectively preventing the launch of a protein that triggers swelling and pain.4

Below are two links to an Australian Vet who uses tumeric for his animal patients. He has info on his website for tumeric use for both humans and animals including recipes. The second link brings up valid concerns about curcumin which is from tumeric. I have included an excerpt from that article, not the full article, below.


Turmeric Golden Paste vs. Curcumin Pills

If curcumin is the primary active component, then what difference does it make?

First, as mentioned above, it is not the only active ingredient. For example, the turmerones (the oils in turmeric) are being studied now for their pharmacological activity, as well as the other curcuminoids (besides curcumin). And these are not the only constituents with potential pharmaceutical benefits. But also, the various ingredients work best together, as they evolved together, in “synergy” with each other. Synergy describes the way in which individual components of a system contribute to a result greater than the sum of all the single constituents. The word gets thrown around a lot in ways that have nothing to do with its actual meaning. But in reality, it’s a sound principle with many examples from the physical sciences.

Second, while the use of concentrated single-ingredient products may be useful in research, it doesn’t follow that this is the best way for people to eat the foods they came from. No one would suggest eating just the quercetin extracted from apples and blueberries instead of the whole fruit, or the bromelain extracted from pineapples instead of pineapple itself. Yes, those ingredients are indeed sold as supplements, but not as substitutes. We recognize that whole fruits and vegetables possess other valuable properties and should generally be eaten in their original form. Yet, illogically, the idea has persisted and spread that the curcumin extracted from turmeric is somehow preferable to turmeric itself.

Third, the promotion of extracted curcumin as a substitute for turmeric has a questionable purpose. The rhizomes which are sold fresh, and from which powdered turmeric is obtained, are from a plant that is not only cultivated by thousands of small farmers, but in many places grows wild. It is not something that can be patented (a patent actually was granted, but later withdrawn). It is not, therefore, profitable for pharmaceutical companies in its original form. It is essentially a food. But a unique formulation of curcumin can be patented, and several have been. Therefore, it is in the interest of the supplement manufacturers to repeat statements such as “curcumin is poorly absorbed,” or “curcumin is not easily bio-available,” and then to point out how their formulation gets around those claims. They conveniently don’t mention, of course, that used in the traditional way (used for thousands of years, in fact), turmeric is indeed bio-available.

Fourth, the high concentration of curcumin in many of these extracts is itself a concern. No studies have been done on their long term safety. Early supplement containers often were labeled with “Use only for three months” or similar warnings, because most of the trials had been conducted for no more than three months. Those who promote curcumin supplements point to the fact that humans have been given up to 8 grams of high-concentrate curcumin extracts a day for three months without adverse effects. One blogger, fighting melanoma, reports that she has taken 8 grams of curcumin a day for over four years without problem. And in fact, we do suggest that curcumin supplements be used in addition to the Golden Paste in cases of severe disease. But those situations don’t represent the typical person ingesting curcumin-extract supplements for an extended period. The fact is that we simply don’t know what the long term effects might be. We do know that the curcumin from commercial capsules is a far higher amount than the body can use, and that they don’t include all the other benefits of whole turmeric.