Tisha B’av and the destruction of the Set-Apart [Holy] Temples

From sundown tonight to sundown tomorrow night is the 9th of the Jewish month of Av [Av is one of the words that means father in Hebrew]. This day has been a day of curses to the Hebrews and the Jews [“Jews” refers to the Hebrew tribe of Judah] and is considered by many to be the main day historically when the worst has happened to them. I have copied a lot of links below that go into the history of this day and the tragedies. Reading about the second Temple being destroyed and what the people went through in Yerushalayim [Jerusalem] brought out many tears. I hope you take a few minutes and learn about what ELOHIM [Hebrew word for GOD and who I believe is FATHER/SON/SPIRIT], and HIS prophets and people went through.

ELOHIM tried to warn HIS people that what they were doing was against HIM and joining them to HIS enemy but they did not pay attention. What FATHER/SON/SPIRIT suffered when the MESSIAH was rejected and crucified, when the first and second Temples and Yerushalayim were destroyed, and what THEY are experiencing now looking at all the evil and wickedness and uncleanness going on, I have a few clues, but no idea the depths of THEIR emotions during all of this [let alone from the beginning].

There were many leaders and kings throughout history [and still are today] who led the people astray. Because of the weak religious leaders during the time of the MESSIAH [CHRIST], many did not recognize their own MESSIAH when HE came [read Yochanan – John – 1,2,3] and the Jews today are still looking for the MESSIAH and for when the Temple will be rebuilt. When HE returns it will be as conquering KING not as a SHEPHERD and it will be HIS day of wrath. The New Covenant [Testament] warns us to be ready for HIS return because it will be sudden, like in the days of Noach [Noah], when the people were going on with every day life until they were caught by surprise [Mattityahu – Matthew 24 and I Thessalonians 5].

Will you be ready for our KING’S coming? Take a lesson from history and Scripture and be prepared. Start paying attention to the signs of the times, read Scripture, develop your own relationship with ELOHIM, and want/pray/ask for the truth above all, no matter what changes end up taking place in your life! ELOHIM and HIS creation have suffered greatly, nothing in life is worth being separated from HIM, HE is LIFE! Do not wait any longer to get to know HIM, and love HIM, how the three of THEM deserve!

























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