Do you love what CHRIST [the MESSIAH] loves?

Have you ever asked in prayer for you to love what CHRIST loves? Have you ever asked to love what our FATHER in Heaven and the SET-APART BREATH [HOLY SPIRIT] loves? I asked for those things in prayer and I saw changes happen in me.

Things I had loved that were of the world that I knew THEY would not like let alone love, I started detesting – seriously. Things like rock and heavy metal music, beats and rhythms that incite your flesh, horror and lust and violence and sin in movies and television and literature, fascination with pagan gods and their cultures, film noir, dark things and death, the exotic and strange and erotic, the supernatural and the occult, revealing and tight clothes [read Jude 1:23], wanting to keep up with the Joneses, wanting expensive luxury items and gold/silver/jewels. The wanting of these and other objects started leaving me or when I heard/saw these things I had loved or liked or felt fascinated by, I instead started to wince or feel ill!

Things I never cared for that I knew from reading Scripture THEY would like or love, I found myself start loving especially learning to love or care for people and not objects. Filling ourselves with the world leaves us empty when what we need to do is to fill ourselves with THEM. It is amazing experiencing the SET-APART BREATH [HOLY SPIRIT] at work in your life, renewing and changing you to conform to what is of ELOHIM [Hebrew word for GOD and who I believe is FATHER/SON/SPIRIT].

One day we will all be in front of the THREE of THEM and have to face the reality of knowing THEM only in truth. Things we love that are not of THEM will no longer be available to us because they will be destroyed. Why not ask for THEIR help learning to love what will please THEM now? Then you will be able to stand in front of ELOHIM one day in pure joy!!!

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