A Song to my BELOVED ONE…

I wrote this song based on many verses in Scripture including some I found after I wrote the words. This is what I hope to be for ELOHIM because of all HE has done for me, especially YAHSHUA who my Covenant is with. I feel blessed because I have had things line up around me and things that have come from my heart that I found Scripture on afterwards or confirmation from others’ walks. Some I did not go through with and regretted and wept for missing an opportunity placed in front of me because I doubted/feared/was weak. ELOHIM [Hebrew word for GOD and who I believe is FATHER/SON/SPIRIT] is an amazing path preparer through HIS SET-APART [HOLY] SPIRIT. I have had so many paths line up in a day that I have exclaimed to ELOHIM more than once, “I know you are ELOHIM but how do you do it!!!”.

From: Genesis[B’resheet] 1; Isaiah [Yesha’yahu] 60:9; Psalms [Tehillim] 19:10 and 14, 34:8, 45:2/6/8/10/17, 104:34, 119:72/103/105/127, 121, 139:17; Song of Songs 5:1; Matthew [Mattityahu] 22:12; John 1:4-9, 3:19-21; Ephesians 5:2/19; I Peter 1:8, 2:3; Jude 23;  Revelation 5:9/12.

May I be as honey dripping from YOUR Fingers, as honey dripping from YOUR Mouth; sweet to YOUR Touch, to YOUR Taste in abundance!

May my words be delightful to YOUR Ears, as YOUR Words are to mine!

May my prayers be as the finest incense in a golden bowl, a soothing offering for YOU, my BELOVED!

I want to smell YOUR sweet fragrance, content am I knowing YOU are near!

May I be beautiful to YOU, as the Words YOU first spoke!

May I be as light to YOU, as life to YOU, because YOU are my LIGHT and my LIFE and are beautiful to me!

I want to be filled with YOUR BREATH, YOUR LIVING WATER, YOUR Word, until all my body, mind, spirit – my being, is full of only YOU, my BELOVED!

I want YOUR robe dressing me not any clothes of the flesh!

Adorn me with YOURSELF as a bride is adorned with her jewels, because YOU are more precious to me than any created thing!

I want to obey YOU and be blemish, stain, and wrinkle free; until all that is not of YOU, that is not pleasing to YOU is gone and only pure, fine gold is left and that gold, my BELOVED, is YOURS!!

My BELOVED, my eyes have not seen YOU yet, but one day they will!

YOUR Words, YOUR Voice, draw me to YOU as I seek YOU, as I seek YOUR Face!

YOU are worthy of Blessing, Respect, Esteem, Power, Riches, Wisdom, and Strength; of my trust, my thanks, my adoration, my praise!!

My Beloved, carry me on YOUR Straight Way of Life, of Truth!

I need YOUR Joy, YOUR Strength to endure and overcome all!

YOU nourish, protect, and wash me clean with YOUR Body and Blood!

YOU Join me to YOU as one [echad] and we go through YOUR Narrow Door; my BRIDEGROOM, my HUSBAND, my BELOVED!

Keeping me in YOUR Arms, forever and ever!!


You may send this to others with the full link attached. If anyone has any interest to turn this into a song with music, or publish it for public use, or use it in any way to make money, you must get in touch with me first to get my permission and to work out a suitable agreement. Please see the link at the top of the page for contacting me. All rights are reserved for my use and decisions. If anyone takes advantage of this, I ask our FATHER in Heaven to get involved and for HIS Will to be done in regards to what is right and fair, in the NAME of HIS SON – YAHSHUA HA’MASHIACH YHWH [JOSHUA aka JESUS CHRIST the LORD], AMEN!




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