Blessings to all who helped in 2015!

Todah rabah [Hebrew for thank you very much] to everyone who helped me in 2015! Much appreciation and gratitude because your support allowed me to live and to do work for GOD’S/ELOHIM’S [Our FATHER in Heaven, JESUS/YESHUA, the HOLY SPIRIT] Kingdom! I hope and pray to do better in 2016 and to be an even brighter light and more productive and efficient!

Because of you I was able to:

Encourage and support GOD with love, blessing, thanks, praise, worship, etc., trying to be available to HIM when signs of HIS Wrath showed to help HIM ease HIS displeasure with less destruction hopefully and praising HIM whatever HE chose to do!

Give many information on GOD and HIS SON and HIS WAY and TRUTH and pray with them, especially poorer people and the homeless, and received back through a few that prayer was answered the next day, praise GOD!!!.

Speak briefly to hundreds of people by passing strangers and sharing a blessing with them, and include thousands in prayer mainly by including those whom I passed by.

Answer questions concerning the Bible and false teachings and proving beliefs.

Speak to many about how they are hurting themselves through sins/holds of the enemy such as cursing, cigarette smoking, tattoos, poor eating, drugs, drinking, unforgiveness, anger, adultery, lust, envy, pagan ways, hidden ways of the enemy, fear, unloving, yoga.

Help some with cooking, cleaning, teaching about healthy eating/cooking. Was able to share food or buy food for some or help with a few other needs as extra money was available.

Research and am in process of writing about many topics involving recognizing and understanding GOD and the Bible and HIS Way vs our way to draw closer to HIM; and recognizing holds of the enemy and getting out of them and into righteousness.

Keep April from being abducted, praise GOD!

Thank you to everyone in 2015 who helped me:

Our FATHER in Heaven, JESUS/YESHUA, and the HOLY SPIRIT for love, salvation, support, deliverance, provision, healing, protecting, blessing, lining paths up, opening and shutting doors, disciplining/chastening, working on dead wood and holds of the enemy, not giving up on me, patience, counseling, guidance, teaching, comforting, hugs, putting up with me, and everything else THEY did I did not know about or understand!!!

Everyone who prayed for GOD’S Will and Desire for me and help how I needed and for friendship and dealing with our differences!

Chris and Dennis for hospitality, donations, transportation, food, laundry, wifi.

Their neighbor for a copy machine.

Bus drivers, park guards, and those at the airport in Miami who helped with food, transportation, shelter.

Bus drivers who helped with transportation.

Those at Orlando Airport and Hyatt for shelter, rest, wifi, and food.

Gold’s, LA Fitness, Platinum Gym, Anytime Fitness

Massiel and Drusso for food, donations, transportation, hospitality, laundry.

Yveth and Yvetti for food, transportation, hospitality.

Hoover’s, Cocoa Green Market, Wild Hare, Appleseed’s, Sunseed’s, Publix, Target, Panera for food, nutritional supplements, support, gift cards, hospitality, and wifi.

Johnny and staff and Park and others at Publix and Eli at Albertson’s for gift cards, food, bus passes, donations.

Sarah for alterations to clothes.

Florida Hospital for rest and wifi.

Indiana Share Foundation and staff for the transportation, hospitality, support, food.

Craig and Maria for donations.

Karen and Jason for donations.

Mark and Jeannie for hospitality, food, laundry.

Bob for the nice meal and donation.

Beverly for the book.

Catholic Chapel for rest.

Taxi driver’s for free rides.

Marion, DeeDee, James and Kim, MaryLou for hospitality, donations, transportation, laundry, food, internet.

OHOP and visitor for rest, transportation, food, donation.

Drew and Beth for donations.

Esther and Ruth for donations.

Jenny and Michael for donations.

Seed of Abraham and members for food, donations, transportation.

Nila for donations.

Mike at Family Christian for donation.

Jonathan for support and food.

Al for donations.

Brenda for hospitality, food, transportation.

The Truth About Cancer and Food Revolution for the free teachings.

Books from various individuals and congregations.

Arbor Lakes staff for help with copies and paper and internet.

Stacy at Biz Card for business cards.

Rosa, Chris, Jonathan and others at Office Depot for help with copies and computer.

Jennifer with Glory Farms for Be In Health books and donations.

Tampa Be In Health Conference for help with shelter.

Nikki and Rich for help with food and transportation.

Jahneen for help with hospitality, donations, food, transportation, internet, laundry.

Love Israel conference for those who helped with food, donations, transportation including Derek, Joe, Joseph.

Cheree for hospitality, food, transportation and her mom for one week at a vacation resort.

Jim, Lady, Phoebe and others at/near Grace Methodist for transportation.

John Park Ave Methodist for transportation.

Elizabeth and Brother Johnson from St. Elizabeth’s for help with a bus pass.

Lisa for food.

Al and Jane for donations.

Marlene for lunch and transportation.

Christine at Publix for transportation.

The Appleton’s for lunch.

Norm for fruit.

Joy for transportation.

Kevin at Mercedes for water.

Charles for transportation.

Ruth for supplements.

Tommy for transportation.

Wes for hospitality, donations, food, wifi, flashlight, internet, transportation and Ang and Mike and Lamar for transportation.

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