IMPORTANT!!! Request for prayer – spiritual warfare

I have HAD IT with all that the enemies of Our Abba [Father] in Heaven/His Son Immanu’El/and the Holy Spirit are doing to all of us. I have gone into some of the detail but there is a whole lot more. Our Messiah said “do unto others as you would have done to you”. This was actually in place in the Old Covenant [Testament] too. People have no or little clue how these things influence every one of us. It is sickening, disgusting, and every similar description you can name. Some people [I used to be one of them] believed their lies that they could become good and to give them a chance. What is going on in new age and other worship is horrible!!!

I just prayed a prayer I would like you all to join in on and please ask that your prayer be joined to mine [there is strength in numbers]. There is power in righteous, fervent prayers and people!

To Our Abba in Heaven: I love you and your Son our Mashiach [Messiah] and your Holy Spirit. I know all of you have been through so much from the beginning because of your creation wanting your enemy and not you and turning from you even when you thought you had nurtured and cultivated a good vine. I know what I have read about all the tears, wrath, your heart feeling like it was breaking and melting, that you have been provoked to jealousy [and you are a zealous Elohim – Hebrew word for God – not a jealous one like many think], all the descriptions of what the three of you have been through, and I have no doubt we know only the slightest bit of everything. I know that I have read of your wrath, anger, and punishment. I know what you have done about sending great delusion on people because they did not want the truth [which is your Son and I believe you and your Holy Spirit too] and about how you shut people’s eyes and ears to the truth because they preferred a lie [which is satan] to the truth [you] and that you gave ALL POWER to satan to deceive and that he deceived the world!!!

I know all these things about you and I know that I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART, ALL MY SOUL, ALL MY MIND, ALL MY STRENGTH, WITH ALL OF ME [and if you feel I do not yet, please teach me] and regardless of what you felt you had to do I LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF ME AND I WILL FOREVER [and if you feel I do not yet I hope to soon]!!! You deserve EVERYTHING THAT YOU WANT because you only meant good from the beginning and we your stupid, foolish children have been led by our eyes, our ears, our tongues, our noses, you name it, by your enemy and I believe it is deeper and more so today than ever before. I know that even the people that believe in your Son as their Mashiach are not OBEYING as they should and are involved in things your enemy has deceived them about and they think they are being led by you. PLEASE, starting immediately I CALL OUT TO YOU FOR HELP!!! PLEASE, we need you to open our eyes, ears, hearts, minds, and souls, all of us to the truth!!!

PLEASE, I ASK THIS WITH ALL OF ME, you do unto others as they do to you so PLEASE, I ASK THAT YOU IMMEDIATELY START ENACTING THIS ON YOUR ENEMY [evil, wickedness, uncleanness, devils, demons, fallen angels, powers, authors, principalities, whatever names they go by] for EVERYTHING they have done to hurt/influence your creation FROM THE BEGINNING AND THAT THEY EXPERIENCE THIS FOR AS MANY TIMES OVER WHAT THEY HAVE DONE AS YOUR WILL CHOSES!!! I know you are punishing them in the end and I do not know if you are punishing them now or not but I ask this WITH ALL OF ME!!! They DESERVE EVERYTHING YOU ARE PLANNING FOR THEM and I ask that it start NOW!!! I have HAD it with all they are doing to influence me, my family, my friends, everyone on this planet. WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!  PLEASE, HELP US!!! I do not want anyone of us lost or in torment forever or not as close to you as we could be because of listening to them instead of to you!!!

We can’t do this alone WE NEED YOU/YOUR SON/YOUR HOLY SPIRIT and all your angels, all that is of you to HELP US!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your help and doing this to them!!! PLEASE SHOW ME WHAT I CAN DO FOR YOU/YOUR SON/YOUR HOLY SPIRIT!!! I THANK YOU, I PRAISE YOU, AND I BLESS YOUR TRUE NAME[S]!!! I ask that this be considered prayed three times for your will to be done [like your SON did in the garden before HE was taken], I pray this with all of me, and I ask that this be a permanent prayer until accomplished!!! I pray this in the name of your son Immanu’El [[HIS name which means El [God] is with HIS people, in Yesha’Yahu [Isaiah]7:14 and Mattityahu [Matthew]1:23]], Yahoshua [it means Yah saves and we say “Jesus” but it should be “Joshua” in our language] our Mashiach [Messiah/Christ] in the true name/title you gave HIM of your Name YHVH [Adonai/ Lord], Amen!!!

THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!! May HE bless you and keep you close to HIM because there is a HUGE war going on and we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg and that iceberg could hit at any moment!!! Please pass this on to anyone you know including prayer groups – Thank You!!! From, Gail

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