The truth about “holy laughter and slaying in the spirit” is a kundalini deceiving demon.

There is much going on in Churches that many believe is the RUACH HA’KODESH [Hebrew for] HOLY SPIRIT but it is not. Instead of the RUACH HA’KODESH/HOLY SPIRIT, people are allowing demons to use their bodies. What is shown in the video [link at bottom of page] about the holy laughter/kundalini spirit is some of what I experienced in workshops that taught new age mysticism but used the words “God/Jesus/angels”, so people felt safe. However, the people who taught these workshops did not believe in the Bible as the Word of ELOHIM/GOD so their “God/Jesus/angels” were different. Christians/Believers in the MESSIAH/CHRIST were participating in these workshops and being deceived along with everyone else. I saw a tamer version of “slaying in the spirit” being done by hands being laid on people in a Catholic Church and it was attributed to Mary [Miryam in Hebrew]. While some of the people in the Catholic Church and most of the people in the new age workshops collapsed on the floor when hands were put on them, the experiences of the people in the new age workshops looked to be more intense: they had what they called visions, heard voices, some could not stop laughing, some talked in a different language [and understood each other], healing occurred, and bodies moved but not by the people themselves. We all had unknowingly sinned and opened the door for demons to use us and our bodies. We all were deceived! The Bible warns us of many false signs and deceiving wonders in the time of the end and it is very true!

Hand drawn pictures of Mary being sold at the Catholic Church during their “slaying in the spirit” reminded me of pictures people in the new age workshops had of “avatars”, spirit guides, that were helping them. I had my own that I painted when I was 21 and was really into science fiction/fantasy. I eventually started meditating on it and praying/invoking in front of it. I was told in the workshops that she was my higher self, and that I was originally a Pleiadian from that star system before I came to Earth, and that I was in Atlantis and was an “old soul” with many reincarnated lives [it is amazing what the enemy can line up to deceive people into strange beliefs!]. Google “images of Pleiadians” and you will see many tall, slender, pale complected beings either male or female or androgynous with long or short white hair.  Mine was a female fitting that description and I did not see any of these images when I painted her, I just drew and painted what came to me. I know now that the painting was really the harlot who is called wickedness, who the Bible talks about frequently, and is called the “queen of heaven” in Yirmeyahu [Jeremiah] 44:17-25 and 7:18. Mary is not the “queen of heaven”. This is the title of a pagan goddess not a Hebrew handmaid/lady servant.

I also about fell over when reading Yesha’yahu [Isaiah] 47:2 in the Lamsa translation of the Bible which is from the Aramaic Peshitta [Aramaic is a sister language to Hebrew and it is the language the MESSIAH/CHRIST spoke]. It is the only translation of Scripture I have found so far, where in regards to the daughter of Babylon [which is another of the harlot’s names] when she is being chastised, she is told to “cut your white hair”! Do you remember me mentioning white hair on the new age avatars? I believe all of these beings are actually a representation of wickedness, whether male or female or genderless. When ELOHIM/GOD woke me up from what I was involved in and I accepted HIS SON as my SAVIOR again, this time understanding much more of what it meant, I repented/confessed of what I did while worshiping ELOHIM’S/GOD’S enemy and asked to be washed clean in the MESSIAH’S blood and started digging into Scripture and praying for the Truth. I cut up the painting and had it burned and had everything else associated with the worship I had done through new age practices destroyed as well.

I also saw slaying in the spirit done in a Christian Prayer Center in Daytona Beach, FL. ELOHIM/GOD guided me to go there. I had checked their site on the internet and read about them and their history and it had looked good. I attended one night before they officially opened. During a call for healing, I stood up and saw the head person walk to different people and then do the hands on with people collapsing. I felt disturbed when I saw it. I saw him walking towards me but not near me yet and then I felt something I could not see bump into me. In my mind I immediately screamed “NO” and it did not enter into me. I believe it was a demon. Then the head person, who was nearer to me and looking like he was in a trance, turned and walked away from me towards a person behind me whom he then collapsed. I had not said a word out loud to him and yet he knew to turn from me! It can be stunning what ELOHIM/GOD reveals!

I want to say something important here. We all can be involved in deception and Truth at the same time. Everyone from the biggest church on the planet to the least. We can be good and even very good people but might have one or more beliefs that are not correct and be caught up in the deception and hold of the enemy. It is so very important that if our FATHER in Heaven lines up for information to be received that proves Biblically that what we are doing is not correct, that we do not hold onto pride or get offended or angry. We need to examine Scripture and ourselves and lift up in prayer what has been brought up or happened and ask for the Truth to be revealed so that it is clearly understood. Count it a blessing to have Truth revealed! If we need to confess to others that we were deceived so that they can pray to be washed clean of what happened to them through us then we need to be strong and do that, too. The Word is the Truth that cuts through deception and makes us free!

ELOHIM/GOD is very clear that we are to discern by HIS Word! There is nothing in HIS Word about HIM doing any of the above actions to HIS people through HIS RUACH HA’KODESH/HOLY SPIRIT. While speaking in tongues is Biblical, it was preceded by people hearing a rushing wind and seeing Tongues of Flame around them [Acts 2:2-3]. Has this happened to anyone you know who says that they speak in tongues? Have they asked in prayer if it is the RUACH HA’KODESH/HOLY SPIRIT or a deceiving demon? Take a look at a study I did on this:

I do not believe many are using Scripture as fully as they should during these deceptive end times. I believe many sheep are hearing a false voice, some literally in their heads, which is not Biblical as ELOHIM’S/GOD’S VOICE was always heard outside of a person [from Heaven, from a burning bush or mountain, from behind a person, outside of a cave, etc], and not comparing to Scripture as they should. Have you ever thought about the statement from Scripture, “MY sheep hear/listen to MY VOICE and they know ME and they follow ME”, from John/Yochanan 10:27, as referring to those who are wanting the Truth and know HIS Word and are following it? [I also believe it can refer to HIS literal VOICE when we actually hear HIM call to us while in the grave, etc.] The WORD of ELOHIM/GOD, who I believe is a real being that Daniel and others met in Scripture, was born in a body of flesh and was/is ELOHIM’S/GOD’S VOICE and the Word/Scripture is HIS Voice, too! Few people in Scripture heard HIS literal VOICE except those chosen to hear it like the prophets, so why are so many being deceived today by pride and lust and false shepherds when the Bible is right there for us to examine and pray for understanding and the Truth instead of falling to deception! Remember that the deception at the time of the end is so great that even the elect/chosen/saints could be deceived, if that were possible, and the time was shortened for them, Matthew/Mattityahu 24:22-24 and Mark 13:22! Many are called but few are chosen Scripture says in Matthew/Mattityahu 22:14, so this refers to the few who know ELOHIM/GOD well as even potentially being deceived. Not every believer is chosen as some teach.

It is also Biblical for ELOHIM to use someone poor and insignificant to reveal to someone even wise/learned or important Truth from HIM or to do something big that others could not do, even a woman. Look at Joseph and Pharoah, CHRIST’S disciples, the Samaritan woman, David and Goliath, Rahab the harlot, Esther, and so on. So if the messenger ELOHIM uses to give you the Truth is a fisherman, a shepherd, a servant, a woman, or someone the world would consider least [like a child: untaught or unskilled] remember that it is Biblical [Matthew/Mattityahu 11:25, Luke 10:21]. A woman I met from Maine at a conference told me how a woman from her church who had cancer had the whole church and pastor pray for her with no change. One day the pastor was at the woman’s house praying with her when a knock was heard at the door. It was a local farmer who had been at work when he said the LORD wanted him to go to this woman’s home and pray for her. I do not believe the farmer knew her previously. After he prayed for her she was cured, praise ELOHIM/GOD! So all the prayers of her pastor and church were not as important as this one farmer’s! See James/Ya’akov 5:16.  If John the Baptist or other prophets from the Bible showed up in churches today, even the disciples, and the people did not know who they were, would they be received and their message heard or would they be told to leave because of what they looked like or what they said?

After GOD/ELOHIM woke me up, I try to remember to go to our FATHER in Heaven about everything, especially if it is supernatural! I ask HIM if it was HIM, HIS SON, or HOLY SPIRIT or if it was HIS enemy trying to deceive me. I ask for clarity to protect me and ask it in YESHUA’YAHS HA’MASHIACH YHWH’S/JESUS CHRIST the LORD’S Beloved NAME [YHWH’S/YAH’S NAME – many Bibles use the word “Lord or Adonai” instead because of scribes changing Scripture]. I reject the enemy and put the enemy in the MESSIAH’S HANDS and ask for the enemy to be taken away from me [Y’hudah – Jude 9 and Z’kharyah – Zechariah 3:2]. See this for more information

A good book to get is by Ray Yungen called, “Many Will Come in My Name”, which talks about deceptions of the enemy in society and another called, “A Time of Departing”, which goes into what deceptions are infiltrating churches. Ray even told me he met a Baptist woman who had clucked like a chicken in church and believed the HOLY SPIRIT did it to her! The links for both books are below. When I was in Israel I met a man from Germany who watched the video [link below]. He told me afterwards that it confirmed for him that what he saw in his church in Germany was not the HOLY SPIRIT. He sent family and friends the link to look at for themselves. I visited a church in Israel where a couple of women experienced kriyas and saw visions of the lion of Y’hudah/Judah roaring. Both types of experiences are talked about in the video [link posted below].

Ask Our ABBA/FATHER in Heaven for the Truth of what is going on if any of this is happening in your church, for JESUS/YESHUA’YAH to shut down anything that is of the enemy, and for HIM healing what has been done. Anyone who has experienced any false spirit should: confess and repent of being used by the enemy, ask for forgiveness, ask to be washed clean by the MESSIAH’S/CHRIST’S blood, ask for protection, and if there is anything else they need to do to be healed in body/mind/spirit – their whole being such as the root of the issue being revealed, too. I met a woman who received healing in JESUS’S NAME but she felt that something was not right. She asked in prayer to our Beloved FATHER in Heaven that if the healing was through HIS SON for it to be kept but if it was not a true healing through JESUS to take it from her and the healing was taken from her! The enemy is making a mockery of us to our ELOHIM/GOD who looks down on all and must be experiencing all kinds of emotions over HIS people being used in these ways. The RUACH HA’KODESH/HOLY SPIRIT is probably grieving and livid and would like to turn some people into real chickens, would be my guess. I also do not believe there is anything mentioned in Scripture about our MESSIAH/CHRIST as our GOOD SHEPHERD, leading laughing sheep or clucking sheep beside still water! [short version]

[Below was posted on an internet site about kundalini – it happened to someone else, not me, and contains important information about what happens]

“…Kundalini was awesome at first until I started seeing huge snakes, aliens, reptilians & horrible looking creatures. Please google where a Pleiadian channel-er channels Lucifer & he promotes Kundalini. Kundalini is a snake demon & Kundalini attracts snakes and demons. Leviathan IS ALSO coiled Leviathan a serpent found in churches and Kundalini & Hinduism. I got rid of Kundalini by casting out Leviathan & Kundalini. Please google Leviathan & Kundalini, they are the false Holy Spirits, so you PEOPLE CAN REMOVE KUNDALINI…”  [GOD/ELOHIM guided me to a Benny Hinn conference and a woman I met there said she saw snakes crawling all over the stage when he was “slaying” people!.


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  1. I have neither attended a church, which accepted this phenomena nor wanted to get close to one……I was always suspicious. Albeit, I have experienced holy laughter when I was home alone thinking about God. I still don’t know what to make of this experience. It still makes me nervouse. Could it be pyschological or organic change in the mind? Furthermore, it is no where in the bible. All in all, I don’t want to refute the phenomena but I have to look at it with an open mind from every angle.

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