Much volcanic activity, please pray!

Please pray for as little loss of life as possible, help how the people affected need in understanding what they need to do to turn and repent or to know YAHSHUA/JESUS/JOSHUA as SAVIOR, for help how they need in healing and for their needs to be met, and even if our FATHER/ABBA in Heaven would consider changing HIS Mind about anything! Ask for your prayers to be joined to others who are also praying for these things.

We thank YOU, our Beloved FATHER/ABBA in Heaven for the help and compassion and long-suffering of YOU, YOUR Beloved YAHSHUA/JESUS/JOSHUA, and YOUR Beloved HOLY [SET-APART] SPIRIT in regards to the above prayer and all who would be included in it, from now till the end. We praise YOU, our Gracious and Merciful and Good and Set-Apart ELOHIM [Hebrew word for GOD] for whatever is needed, whatever it takes for as many as possible to receive what they need to live and for each to have the best possible place forever! We Bless YOUR NAME, all of YOUR NAMES! In the NAME of YOUR Beloved SON, JOSHUA/JESUS/YAHSHUA our MESSIAH/CHRIST and YHWH/LORD, AMEN!!!  [Site showing a lot of information concerning volcano and earthquake activity around the globe. Code Red – erupting volcanoes but not major eruptions: Italy, Hawaii, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Iceland, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Barren Island, Congo, Indonesia, Peru, Ecuador, Russia, Japan, Antarctica. More are under code orange which is warning of eruption.    [“A study published in the journal Terra Nova in February showed that, since the early 19th century, changes in the Earth’s rotation rate tended to be followed by increases in global volcanic activity. It found that, between 1830 and 2013, the longest period for which a reliable record was available, relatively large changes in rotation rate were immediately followed by an increase in the number of large volcanic eruptions. And, more than merely being correlated, the authors believe that the rotation changes might actually have triggered these large eruptions.”]


There are even people out there trying to figure out how to make a volcano explode/erupt! Please also pray for any who are in a position of seriously being able to cause any problem like this to happen, for whatever wake up call and for whatever needs to be done to stop them, including any who are attempting to trigger earthquakes or any other disaster out there! AMEN!!!




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