Giving JESUS/YESHUA’YAH a Birthday Gift HE Would Love!

Hello everyone! I hope and pray the information below will be taken in the spirit it is intended, which is to encourage thought, prayer, and hopefully change. Instead of buying gifts for each other, use the money how JESUS/YESHUA’YAH would want. The links below include how one pastor made these changes. If churches started doing the same, including taking up a special offering [not only for Christmas but also each week] for a “building for the needy fund”, I wonder how long before enough money was raised to start the housing the homeless would like to see happen? In Central FL approximately 1 in 3 people do not have affordable housing. About 1 million people here alone! GOD/ELOHIM knows the numbers in all of Florida, the whole USA, and the World!


JESUS/YESHUA’YAH said there would always be poor. A big part of this is because of people’s hearts who are far from GOD/ELOHIM, even HIS own people. Worldwide there is enough money so that no one should lack. For the wealthiest in the world is this Biblical reminder, “those who are first now are last later” – Matthew 19:30 and 20:16.  While a person may be first in this life with power, position, or wealth, that does not hold true in GOD’S/ELOHIM’S Holy City where the last in this life will be first for eternity per Scripture. Eternity is a really, really, really long time vs our very, very, very short lives on this planet!


GOD/ELOHIM can bless with extra too if asked and HE chooses to do so. HE is in command of all HE created including resources which HE can renew and replenish and provide. We have to trust HIM however if HE chooses not to do something or in a different timing. HE has HIS reasons and HE is Trustworthy so we have to give HIM the benefit of the doubt and keep praying and seeking the answers in HIS Will and Timing, AMEN!!


May people be wise and choose to help those in need, reaping Heavenly rewards instead of earthly alone and receive blessings of Good, for now and eternity, AMEN!!
May we all continue to bring a Smile to JESUS’S/YESHUA’YAH’S FACE and Joy to HIS HEART by doing what HE wants, AMEN!!!
Blessings and shalom! Gail Cooper – The Narrow Door


What would JESUS/YESHUA’YAH want for HIS Birthday? What does Scripture say?
How would HE feel about what is being done 12/25 in HIS NAME?


Excellent article [please read it all] about changes a pastor brought to his church because of a new family who wanted to do right by JESUS: I brought a proposal to our worship commission that for the coming Advent season we use only biblical symbols in the church and refrain from activities or traditions associated with the commercialization and consumerism of Christ­mas. After hearing the rationale for the proposal, the commission responded with enthusiasm. The group decided not to hang Advent wreaths or put greens around the Advent candles. The artificial Christmas tree which had always stood in the narthex during Advent was left in storage. The sermon themes for Advent would focus on countering consumerism and promoting simplicity and compassionate generosity toward those in need.


How would St. Nicholas feel about what is being done in his name today?
After his parents died from an epidemic, Nicholas is said to have distributed their wealth to the poor.


Good King Wenceslaus: But his deeds I think you know better than I could tell you; for, as is read in his Passion, no one doubts that, rising every night from his noble bed, with bare feet and only one chamberlain, he went around to God’s churches and gave alms generously to widows, orphans, those in prison and afflicted by every difficulty, so much so that he was considered, not a prince, but the father of all the wretched.


Romans 12:6 reminds us that God, through Christ, has given each of us gifts to use for his glory. The holidays can be a great time to use your gifts for that purpose — to shine the light on Jesus while bringing joy to other people.


Jonathan Cahn – sapphire message:

Saturday, December 9, 2023

There’s a lot of focus spent on ‘body life’ in the Lord- seminars, support ministries, Christian services, music, books, and culture that are all aimed to nourish and meet the needs of the body. That can be good and some of its necessary. But if we’re His body on earth, then how did the body of Messiah dwell on earth? Despite what some people believe, He wasn’t rich. He didn’t have a place to lay His head. He existed on earth to meet the needs of others. If we ‘as His body’ are existing to bless ourselves, if our Christian culture is only to bless Christians and not to bless those outside the body, judging smugly the rest of the world while retreating into our own little body-life world, then we’re becoming a self-indulgent body; arrogant and focused on our own needs. That’s not the body of Messiah. If we’re His body, we must reach out beyond ourselves – heal the sick, preach to the poor, help the needy, and set the captives free. Yes, we’re the body, but the body of the Messiah came in bodily form to bless the world.

From Message #641 – We His Body