CHRIST’S model of prayer, are your prayers answered?

CHRIST/The MESSIAH is clear that for prayer to be answered we must:

1. ask “our FATHER/ABBA in Heaven” in “JESUS CHRIST the LORD’S NAME or JOSHUA MESSIAH YAH’S NAME or YESHUA/YAHSHUA HA’MASHIACH YHWH’S NAME or ________, AMEN” [One of HIS NAMES is AMEN! HE covers all of HIS people even if they use an inaccurate name because of transliteration errors or spellings!]

[l Tim. 2:5; Heb. 7:25; I John/Yochanan 2:1; John/Yochanan 5:43 and 15:16; Revelation 3:14 see #6 below]

2. ask according to the HIS Will/Desire

[I John/Yochanan 5:13-14, see #5]

3. make sure we are obeying JESUS’S/YESHUA’S commands and that HIS Words are staying in us

[John/Yochanan 5:2-3, 13:34, chapter 15; James/Ya’akov chapter 4; I John/Yochanan 3:21-24; see #4]

If we do not have prayer answered we have to look at:

4. what is wrong in our relationship with JESUS/YAHSHUA

[not obeying or not staying in HIS Words: Mark 11:22-26; John/Yochanan 14:13-24; see #3]

5. realize that what we are asking is not in HIS Will/Desire

[John/Yochanan 9:31, James/Ya’akov 4: 3-8, see #2]

6. perhaps it is not being asked of “our FATHER in Heaven” in “HIS SON’S NAME” [Matthew/Mattityahu 6:9; Luke 11:2; John/Yochanan 10:25 and 17:11-12; see #1 above]

There is much to share with people because of all the highly unusual things experienced by me. Some prayer has been answered when praying with others. I want FATHER/SON/HOLY SPIRIT to get all the credit, praise, and blessing for answered prayer because THEY deserve it! While I do appreciate people thanking me, blessed am I for ELOHIM reminding me [John/Yochanan 2:17] to tell them to instead thank HIM [ELOHIM is the Hebrew word for GOD]!

So take a look at Scripture and examine your walk with your SAVIOR and see if getting into a tighter place will bear fruit or even more fruit! This is a journey, one step at a time, and none of us have all the answers, only ELOHIM does! AMEN!!!

Shalom and blessings!