Help for spiritual warfare: A call to prayer and fasting tonight

Pastor Jim Staley of a Passion for Truth Ministries shares from his heart a call to prayer and fasting tonight to Friday night [see video link below]. He is asking for us – both Jew and Gentile – to humble ourselves and fall on our knees in prayer to our Father in Heaven. He says we have been living a partially or non successful spiritual life with people scared of the Holy Spirit. He feels the Father wants a revival worldwide. He wants us to request in prayer that the back and neck of the enemy and the yoke the enemy has on our lives be broken, that the Father pour out HIS Spirit on us, and that we show our love for HIS Son with all our heart, soul, strength and might.

I want to add to what he says with a request for all to ask for the truth of HIS Word, HIS pure word, anything hidden HE wishes to reveal, and to ask for eyes, ears, hearts, minds, and souls open to the truth and for strength to handle what HE reveals to us. From what I have seen, many do not know the truth or the depths of the Father, Son/Word, Holy Spirit especially the Holy Spirit. It is like HE is hidden. I do not claim to know everything [far from it – the more I find the less I realize I know], but I can back up what I believe in through scripture. While there are watered down translations and incorrectly translated words, and maybe even things changed on purpose by some, much is still intact – enough to discern truth from. We have to rely on HIM for us to understand the truth and to show it to us.

From what I have seen, belief in HIM is weak. People believe more in men and science these days not HIM and scripture warns us of putting belief in man’s ways and knowledge over HIM. There are a huge number of beliefs out there with all wanting to believe they have the truth and instead, many people are being led by weak shepherds who do not want to get into the hard things which protects us. I believe this is mainly from fear, greed, pride, or ignorance. Do not assume you or the church or the synagogue you go to have the truth – ask HIM for the truth!!! Read Yo’el [Joel] 2: 12-14 in regards to the fasting request above.

I will be publishing a study soon on what the Father, Son/Word, Holy Spirit look like with descriptions right from scripture. The lack of knowledge in this area is amazing and I believe the truth is right in front of our eyes! Read Yechezk’el [Ezekiel] 1 and 8 for a physical description of the Holy Spirit – HE is a separate being from the Father and the Son! They are all separate beings! Read Dani’el [Daniel] 7 and 10 and Revelation 1 for physical descriptions of the Father and the Son/Word! Pray on it! Read Hoshea [Hosea] 4:6 – My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge!!! Thank HIM [praise HIM and bless HIS name, too] in the name of HIS Son Immanuel/Yahoshua/Yahshua Messiah Yah [Immanuel/Jesus Christ the Lord] – Colossians 3:17 and Ephesians 5:20. Pour out your heart to HIM because HE poured out HIS Heart for us!

Peace, prosperity, and all good things – may HIS Shalom be with you! Gail