Another Valentine’s Day and a way to know True Love!!!

It is hard to believe another year has gone by and that valentine’s day is upon us again. I did a study February 2012 on the pagan origins of this holiday – – and I re-post the study link yearly so that new readers will be aware of it. Hope to redo the blog to be set-up by titles instead of by months. Be sure and read the end of the post from 2012 where it shows that a valentine is similar to a magic formula!

Put ELOHIM [Hebrew for GOD and who I believe is FATHER/SON/SPIRIT], first in your heart this year! Bring joy to ELOHIM’S Heart by learning to honor and love HIS Ways and not HIS enemies’ ways!!! May you be blessed with knowing the ONE TRUE LIVING ELOHIM’S Love in your life and be as close as possible to the Three of THEM who are ONE, forever!!!  Shalom and Blessings! Gail