Some Thoughts For My Well-Beloved…

YOUR pain is visible in so much around us that your stupid and foolish children do not recognize or understand. YOU send your Wrath out to ease YOUR displeasure: storms that rip the roof off a church over a picture who they call jesus, destruction before and on halloween and mother’s day and gay fests and pagan festivities, bringing down false jesus’s and other idols and sun god symbols by lightning and storm, purging what is unclean and unrighteous, clouds full of locusts that strip the earth bare, famine and death for those who curse Israel!

YOU command the storm and whirlwind, rain and hail, thunder and lightning, fire and volcano, earthquake and tsunami, plague and pestilence, armies of locusts and famine. It is not mother nature and her names: the harlot, mistress of witchcraft, e-a-s-t-e-r, who wants to be queen of heaven, the false mary not YOUR Miryam mother of the MESSIAH who bore more children after HIM. It is not YOUR adversary, satan the dragon-lizard-snake, who mimics YOU to cause others to worship what should not be worshiped and mocks YOU through twisted words. All YOU created YOU control unless YOU give that power to another or remove YOUR protection. Please consider changing YOUR MIND over at least some of what is written in Revelation and other Scripture in the New Testament/Covenant my Well-Beloved!

But those who say they are YOURS and do not want the depths of YOU and YOUR WAY, those who do not want to know YOU or want the TRUTH or to understand, shake them all my Well-Beloved! Remove those who despise YOU and slaughter and feed on the poor and lost, stripping any gain for themselves. They laugh now at those they break but YOU have the last laugh. They do not realize a sword is coming upon them. No spots, stains, wrinkles of any kind allowed because they are not of YOU!

Most Gracious and Merciful FATHER in Heaven/ABBA in Ha’Shamayim, who gives a multitude of chances until YOU can not anymore, break their pride and strength and set YOUR FACE against YOUR enemies. Those who abhor and taint YOUR SON’S Sacrifice and YOUR Word, YOU abhor. Make them astonished at their ignorance of what they actually worship and are doing!

Wake them up if they can be. Shake and pursue them. May they accept their chastisement and be humbled to turn from evil and wickedness to righteousness. Show them their sin and teach them to confess and repent and turn to the only TRUE SAVIOR! May they accept the Precious Offering of HIS BODY and BLOOD and obey to receive HIS Sweet LIVING WATER, the HOLY SPIRIT! Show them YOU, FATHER and SON and HOLY SPIRIT, and what they would be missing out on for the rest of eternity/olam!

Sing YOUR song of love, shir ahava, over YOUR people and may we sing to YOU, with clean lips and pure hearts, for a sweet-smelling aroma for YOU to breath in and enjoy! May TRUE LOVE Offerings remind YOU of the long awaited desire of YOUR HEART and fortify YOU during the time of the end! YOUR SACRIFICE will be worth it YAHSHUA/JOSHUA/JESUS!

May our Generous and Glorious KING To Be, as HE finishes HIS preparations for HIS Bride and people, remember the Joy HIS ABBA/FATHER showed HIM! May all that HE and HIS Most Blessed and Gracious FATHER/ABBA in Heaven are preparing for those invited to the Wedding Feast of the KING’S Beloved SON, be blessed with the highest, richest, most worthy of blessings for the much anticipated Appointed Time! It may be that the Awesome BRIGHTNESS of the BOWS in the CLOUDS surrounding the Well-Beloved HOLY SPIRIT/GLORY of YHWH will be a Most Blessed and Glorious covering for the Amazing Event! Whatever HIS part in the festivities, it will be spectacular, too!

We love YOU our Dodi/Beloved!!! Thank YOU very much, todah rabah, for YOU!!! Many hugs, kisses, much TRUE worship-adoration-praise, blessing, respect, admiration, esteem, sacrifice, all that YOU would love may YOU have now and for the rest of olam!!! AMEN/AMAN!!!

Asia Bibi’s Appeal Being Heard March 26, 2016

Asia Bibi’s appeals hearing is coming up soon, 3/26/16. Please pray for our BELOVED FATHER in Heaven’s Will and Desire to be accomplished and for what needs to happen for righteousness for people persecuted by unjust laws. Please read links below for additional new information about her and another petition for her release, an 8 year old Christian girl in Pakistan who had victory over her persecutors, the recent execution of a man who killed the Governor of Punjab for trying to help Asia and the killer’s being hailed a hero by many and the thoughts of a Muslim journalist who is for mercy not blood, and an older posting on this blog about her.


Someone brought up in another article that the USA should suspend its aide to Pakistan while they are allowing unjust laws that cause so much hurt. What is happening is like the witch hunts of old, where someone could lose their life or property over another person’s pettiness or greed. If Asia does lose her life, we have to remember that she will have great reward for not giving up her SAVIOR and instead dying for being persecuted for her faith. 

On July 22, 2015 the Supreme Court of Pakistan suspended Bibi’s death sentence for the duration of the appeals process.[37][38] In November of 2015, Bibi’s lead attorney, Naeem Shakir, announced that, after two postponements in 2015, the Lahore High Court would hear an appeal in Bibi’s case on March 26, 2016.[39]    Above link includes a petition to sign for Asia’s release. It also shows that Asia is in good health not poor and goes into detail about the reasoning behind the charges of Mumtaz Qadri, sentenced to death for killing Punjab’s governor who had been defending Asia. Below is a story and link to Mumtaz’s execution by a Muslim journalist who is against all the killing that has taken place and against killing for blasphemy.–the-8-year-old-christian-girl-brutalized-in-pakistan   ACLJ had victory in Pakistan in regards to an 8 year old Christian girl and her family persecuted by Muslims who were after their land and the horror the little girl and her family went through.  [story below]

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