Apophis and more info on the meteorite that hit Russia

Take a look at the information below from live.usnews.com concerning the trajectories of the meteorite that hit Russia and the asteroid that missed the earth – praise HIS NAME for that one missing us!!!  Also, they mention another asteroid – Apophis – significantly larger than the one that just missed us and is expected to come as close as that one did with a date of 4/13/29 [Friday the 13th]. I also posted Wikipedia links about the asteroid Apophis and where the name came from. What I try to do with information like this is to keep an eye on it, pray about it, and see what lines up and happens versus what falls apart and does not happen. Do not open yourself up to the enemy creating chaos in your life but keep aware of what the Messiah said in Mattityahu [Matthew] 24: 32,33,44 and Luke 12:54-56 [in fact read both chapters fully for a lot of good information]. Continue reading

Meteor explodes over Russia

Let’s see what else Our ABBA [FATHER] in Heaven has in store for us! What will it take for you to realize HE is the ONE who knows all and is in control of all, not you or anyone you know or world leaders or scientists or churches or even HIS enemy! Everything we have in our lives is from HIM! Remember, if HE needs to, HE will humble us by taking everything out of our lives and break us so that we will confess and repent our sins so that we obey HIM, seek HIM and HIS SON and HIS HOLY SPIRIT, and take HIS SON as our Savior so that we will be saved!!! HE loves us that much!!! So thank HIM in the NAME of HIS SON [Yahoshua/Yahshua Messiah YAH, Jesus Christ the Lord – Ephesians 5:20], praise HIM, and bless HIS NAME!!! Continue reading

Asteroid to pass near the Earth 2/15/13

While I have studied a good part of the Bible, I have primarily focused on learning the truth about ELOHIM [Hebrew word for GOD and who I believe is our FATHER in Heaven, HIS SON, and HIS SET-APART [HOLY] SPIRIT] and HIS way and what pleases HIM and also to know the deceptions of HIS enemy and their ways and how they hurt us. I have looked over some prophecy and have found some things of interest but I have not focused on it as I have these other areas. I do believe we are somewhere in the time of the end, but whether that means it is 1, 10, or 100 years until the MESSIAH returns I do not know. I do believe that ELOHIM has been trying to get our attention through all these storms, earthquakes, and other disasters we have been facing and are being humbled by. This Friday we face an asteroid. Continue reading

Another Valentine’s Day…again, who do you love???

It is hard to believe another year has gone by and that valentine’s day is upon us again. I did a study last February on the pagan origins of this holiday – https://glclifestyling.com/2012/02/ – and wanted to re-post the study link so that new readers would be aware of it. Be sure and read the end of the post from 2012 where it shows that a valentine is similar to a magic formula. Put Our Father in Heaven, HIS Son, and HIS Holy Spirit first in your heart this year! Bring joy to HIS Heart by honoring and loving HIS Way and not HIS enemies’ ways!!!