What One Person Can Do……..

https://edition.cnn.com/2019/04/04/us/cnnheroes-judge-craig-mitchell-skid-row-running-club/index.html  [this man started as a teacher and became a judge]

[Gitler is an attorney]

[with no car I went around a neighborhood with a wheelbarrow harvesting citrus that was not wanted by homeowners and gave to an organization to feed homeless – who needs to join a gym!]

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harris_Rosen  [spent all his money on buying his first hotel, hitchhiked to NY to talk to motor coach businesses, was initially the only employee at the hotel doing all jobs]

Many more stories out there as you all know.

May all who help the plight of the lost and hurting be blessed with what they need to succeed and those who could be joining their ranks do so.

May those who say they are helping but are really in it for themselves be brought down or woken up.

May the wealth of the wicked go to the righteous as it says in Scripture and the unrighteous who are wasting money be replaced by those who are good stewards or taught new skills.

May those who are addicts because of boredom, pain, pressure, unhealed trauma, lack of good nutrition, etc. have the help they need to overcome and be delivered, hopefully many.

May those who think they are helping others but are really hurting them also be brought down or woken up.

May millionaires and billionaires realize that human life and immediate action to save those dying and hurting now is more important than immediate money to save a structure that took hundreds of years to build and GOD knows how much time to repair.

May those who are perishing now be given more time by GOD and those who have never known good to know some good and love in their lives, HIS Will be done.

May as many as possible believe in the ONE MAN who died for us and arose again so we could have eternal life through HIM!

May we obey HIS righteous commands to love and help, do the Will of HIS FATHER in Heaven, want the SPIRIT of TRUTH, honor and appreciate the precious gift of LIFE given us/others/animals!

May GOD’S Will be done with all, AMEN!!!

Praise GOD for what HE does through individuals and imagine what we could do together, if we were like the early church in Acts instead of divided!

Happy Birthday Dearest and Well Beloved FIRST FRUIT [JESUS/YESHUA’YAH] of the New Covenant, AMEN!