Nehemia Gordon on the Hebrew Matthew, rabbi, and the Birkat HaMinim

The man who is speaking in the link below in the Jerusalem Channel piece is a Karaite Jew, Nehemia Gordon. While he does not believe JESUS/YESHUA’YAH is the MESSIAH, it looks like he respects HIM as a teacher. He has partnered with Messianics/Christians to help them to understand more about the Old Testament and Hebrew way of the New Testament and seems to be quite the scholar vs being prideful and offended. Reminds me of the Orthodox rabbis who signed the statement in 2015 saying they believe YESHUA is doing the FATHER’S Will by bringing the Gentiles into the fold. Interesting blog piece on him below, very worth reading. It also looks like there is information that he does try to get people to convert to Karaite ways, even though he says he does not. I believe any Messianics/Christians he associates with are praying for him to convert as well. As long as there is no offense, may we all learn the truth and let the chaff and weeds fall to the way side because there are many puzzle pieces to the Bible and layers to it. Nehemiah even says below that when the Messiah comes as King that his name may be Yeshua. I hope and pray for as many as possible to know the TRUE MESSIAH and be saved and not fall to a false one, AMEN!

The link below also contains additional information on other topics then the Gospel of Matthew, specifically on the meaning of the word “rabbi” and why JESUS/YESHUA’YAH said what he did about calling no one “rabbi”. It is quite interesting and I try not to use that word or “father” too for earthly men. I also have studies on my blog about the Hebrew Matthew and recently finished posting the last of one study if anyone wants to check it out.  The Du Tillet Matthew: is it the correct one?

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Tumeric for healing [inflammation, teeth/gum, digestion, etc] in humans and animals

Turmeric is an effective anti-inflammatory per science research. Inflammation is the root behind many diseases like cancer, arthritis, IBS, gum/teeth/heart issues, etc. Curcumin is the potent fighter contained in turmeric. The last link below, from an Australian Vet who uses tumeric preparations on his animal patients, contains information about being careful on consuming too much curcumin or for a prolonged period of time. He recommends using turmeric whole instead. This information I have not seen in other articles and recommend reading it. May this information be a blessing to you and I ask our Well Beloved FATHER in Heaven for whatever help you need for now and for eternity in HIS Precious SON’S NAME, JESUS CHRIST the LORD/YAHSHUA HA’MASHIACH YHWH, AMEN!
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Meinig-Mercola: Dental health and why root canals should be avoided

Important information on dental health everyone should read concerning Dr. Weston Price’s research, what root canals do to our health, and what a root canal is. They are not the only option available to people. May this information be a blessing to you and I ask our Well Beloved FATHER in Heaven for whatever help you need for now and for eternity in the Precious NAME of HIS Beloved SON, JESUS CHRIST the LORD/YAHSHUA HA’MASHIACH YHWH, AMEN! Continue reading Petition: Buffalo Wild Wings Stop Selling Eggs From Battery Cages

Petition is below my comment.

We all need to be more aware of what we are purchasing. Not only for our own health, but the health of the planet and the living creatures on it. CHRIST/the MESSIAH said, “Do unto others as you would have done to you”. We are supposed to be caretakers of this planet and righteous. What has happened to HIS people and their morals?

I see more righteousness in many who do not believe in the Bible or JESUS per the Bible and who are covered in tattoos [many are symbols from ancient gods like the sun god or death or anarchy and are against Scripture and open doors to the enemy] and pierced [Scripture says pierced ears are the sign of a slave – so what are you a slave to] and do yoga [these are worship postures for other gods] and energy work [calling on the power of the enemy and not praying to the GOD of the Bible] and worship pagan gods or believe all gods are really the same god. I believe they are treating the planet and animals and their bodies and other people more like they would want to be treated in regards to healthy food and being clean and humane and act more like the early church in Acts in regards to not holding onto their possessions if someone is in need then many who believe in CHRIST/the MESSIAH!

Wake up to what you are doing to GOD/ELOHIM and others, including animals and the planet, as well as yourself, please!!! Do not just buy without reading labels and knowing what you are buying and putting into your bodies because you might be shocked if you did know. How do you treat your dog or cat? Check into the animal stewardship practices of the companies whose products you are putting in your mouth because many are doing horrific things and getting away with them for the sake of money! You represent the Bible and CHRIST/the MESSIAH by your words and actions. Have you thought about how you might be coming across to others and what they may be thinking as a result such as: “this is what their GOD believes in and who HE is?”? I have heard this from the mouths of many who disdain GOD/ELOHIM and the Bible because of the actions of HIS people! Please care, because we are hurting GOD/ELOHIM HIMSELF most of all because of not caring about HIM or what HE has created as we should be!!!

May we all wake up before it is too late! [ELOHIM is the Hebrew word for GOD and whom I believe in as FATHER/SON/HOLY SPIRIT]

Petitioning Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings stop selling eggs from battery cages

Petition by Patrick Voorhees
United States

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