Big Things to Pray

What I have written is not about accusing but about examining and being vigilant. It is about becoming and remaining pure because of all the deception going on in the time of the end that we are in. We all have pieces of a big puzzle that need to be put together for the whole picture of the TRUTH vs the enemy and we need to share and overcome anything that is not True, AMEN!

Four big things ELOHIM/GOD has shown me, because of the deception at the time of the end and how the enemy is after bright lights, is to pray what is below to test the spirits and see what starts changing in us and around us:

1. Lift all up in our lives that we have done/experienced to our Beloved ABBA/FATHER in Heaven in Beloved YAHSHUA’S/JESUS’S/YESHUA’S/JOSHUA’S NAME for examination and ask that if anything is not of HIM [FATHER/SON/HOLY SPIRIT; the G-D of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; HA’SHEM] for it to be taken and for what is of HIM to remain and for the help of the Beloved HOLY SPIRIT/RUACH HA’KODESH with True discernment.

2. Ask to love what HE loves and hate everything of HIS enemy.

3. Ask if there is anything hidden that needs to come to the light to be revealed and for the SPIRIT of TRUTH and not any spirit of deception.

4. For Beloved JESUS/YAHSHUA/YESHUA/JOSHUA to open and shut, for our Beloved FATHER/ABBA in Heaven to order footsteps, and for the Beloved RUACH HA’KODESH/HOLY SPIRIT to teach all that needs to be accomplished.

May we all get out of curses in our lives and into ELOHIM’S/GOD’S blessings, AMEN!