Martha and Mary: A Story in 3 Parts

When hearing the story of Lazarus [El’azar in Hebrew] and his 2 sisters, Mary [Miryam in Hebrew] and Martha, I believe the 2 things that usually come to our minds is about his dying and being raised from the dead by JESUS/YAHSHUA and about how JESUS/YAHSHUA chided Martha concerning how she was spending her time vs her sister – by serving instead of being at HIS Feet.

The first part of the story is in Luke 10:38-42, where Martha welcomed JESUS/YAHSHUA into her home. This is where the verses go into the detail about Martha serving while her sister sat at JESUS’S/YAHSHUA’S Feet. The second part of the story is found in Yochanan/John 11:1-46. These are the verses that describe the time of Lazarus being ill and dying and JESUS/YAHSHUA coming to see Lazarus and raising him from the dead. Please see the link below to the study on this passage which contains something surprising. Martha was the one who had belief in HIM, Mary did not. In fact, Mary and the Yehudim/Jews around her who did not believe in JESUS/YAHSHUA actually caused HIM to feel troubled and angry!

Is your belief in the MESSIAH [CHRIST] allowing HIS miracles or causing HIM to groan?

The third part of the story is found in Yochanan/John 12:1-11, Mark 14:1-9, Mattityahu/Matthew 26:6-13, and Luke 7:36-50. They all go into the story about the woman who poured costly ointment of spikenard on JESUS/YAHSHUA which HE said was in preparation for HIS burial. This woman is Mary/Miryam, Martha and Lazarus’s/El’azar’s sister. We know this because of Yochanan/John 11:2.

Aramaic Bible in Plain English
This Maryam was the one who had anointed the feet of Yeshua and wiped them with her hair, whose brother Lazar was sick. [The names here are Aramaic spellings, a sister language to Hebrew and the language JESUS/YAHSHUA spoke during HIS life in a body of flesh.] Continue reading