Yom Kippur

The “Day of Atonement” [Yom Kippur] Leviticus 23

Friday sundown to Saturday sundown 9/30/17 – time of fasting and introspection and repentance to our GREAT HIGH PRIEST – YAHSHUA/JESUS/JOSHUA!!!

26 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: 27 “Also the tenth day of this seventh month shall be the Day of Atonement. It shall be a holy convocation for you; you shall afflict your souls, and offer an offering made by fire to the Lord. 28 And you shall do no work on that same day, for it is the Day of Atonement [Strong’s H3725 – kippur – to make atonement, cover over], to make atonement for you before the Lord your God. 29 For any person who is not afflicted [Strong’s H6031 – `anah – make low, humble. from root: to answer, give account.] in soul on that same day shall be cut off from his people. 30 And any person who does any work on that same day, that person I will destroy from among his people. 31 You shall do no manner of work; it shall be a statute forever throughout your generations in all your dwellings. 32 It shall be to you a sabbath of solemn rest, and you shall afflict your souls; on the ninth day of the month at evening, from evening to evening, you shall celebrate your sabbath.”

If You Love Israel – Are Amazon, Whole Foods, and the Washington Post Off Limits!

Jeff Bezos owns all these companies. With Amazon buying Whole Foods recently, I have prayed about what this means because we need healthy food. even though Whole Foods sells junk [said by the founder himself], there is good too. More than the average store. Look at what amazon did the day after buying whole foods. they lowered prices on some key items by up to 43% – what sales tactic! Look below at various posts concerning Israel and amazon and how Bezos supports gay marriage which is against the Bible. Remember, those who bless Israel are blessed and Those who curse Israel are cursed per scripture!

I have decided to not support amazon or whole foods anymore. What do you think?

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Happy Conception/Birth Day my Dear MESSIAH!

To YOU Dear YAHSHUA/JOSHUA/JESUS/YESHUA and dear ABBA in Heaven and dear HOLY SPIRIT/BREATH on what I believe is YAHSHUA’S Day of Conception/Birth.

My ELOHIM/GOD, YOU are everything to me!!!

I know we are different but I know I want the depths of YOU!!!
I know that YOU do not give up whatever it takes!!!
I want us to be happy, in TRUE LOVE with each other for olam!!!
I want as many as possible to know and love YOU in TRUTH!!!
I want people and creatures to praise YOU, too!!!
What do YOU want please???
What can I do for YOU???


Praise for our Well Beloved ONE

Oh our Well Beloved MESSIAH how sweet YOU are!

YOU do so very much for us that we do not see.

Please help us to know the depths of YOU!

For YOU an Immortal Being to go

through the process from conception to birth,

to live in a body of flesh,

to allow YOURSELF to be profaned,

to be made common and pierced,

to experience death for us, how very blessed are we!

YOU bless us with YOU and YOUR BODY and BLOOD!!


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Isaiah 24: Science Research and The Time of The End

There is much going on during the time of the end per Scripture. More science is bearing out and showing the truth of Scripture and who the ONE is in control of the earth’s weather and processes, the GOD of the Bible not mother nature.

Isaiah/YESHA’YAHU 24 – [Please look up the whole passage and read it]
1. See, the Lord [YHWH] is going to lay waste the earth
    and devastate it; [turneth it upside down] [possible poles flipping]
he will ruin its face
    and scatter its inhabitants—

5. The earth is defiled by its people;
    they have disobeyed the laws,
violated the statutes
    and broken the everlasting covenant.

6.Therefore a curse consumes the earth;
    its people must bear their guilt.
   therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned,
[electromagnetic shields not protecting the earth]
    and few men left.

19. The earth is broken, broken down,
The earth is crumbled in pieces,
The earth trembleth and tottereth;

20. The earth reeleth to and fro like a drunken man,
And swayeth to and fro as a lodge;
And the transgression thereof is heavy upon it,
And it shall fall, and not rise again.

Isaiah 59:18 According to their deeds, so He will repay, Wrath to His adversaries, recompense to His enemies; To the coastlands [islands] He will make recompense.

Psalm 46:2-3,8  Therefore we will not fear though the earth gives way, though the mountains be moved into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam, though the mountains tremble at its swelling. Selah  Come, behold the works of the LORD, how he has brought desolations on the earth.

Psalm 104:32 Who looketh on the earth, and it trembleth; He toucheth the mountains, and they smoke.  [volcanoes]

Micah 1:3-4 For behold, the LORD is coming out of his place, and will come down and tread upon the high places of the earth. And the mountains will melt under him, and the valleys will split open, like wax before the fire, like waters poured down a steep place.

Revelation 16: 8-9 The fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and it was allowed to scorch people with fire. They were scorched by the fierce heat, [electromagnetic shields] and they cursed the name of God who had power over these plagues. They did not repent and give him glory. 18 And there were flashes of lightning, rumblings,c peals of thunder, and a great earthquake such as there had never been since man was on the earth, so great was that earthquake. 20-21 And every island fled away, [islands disappearing] and no mountains were to be found. And great hailstones, about one hundred pounds each, fell from heaven on people; and they cursed God for the plague of the hail, because the plague was so severe.

GOD/ELOHIM is very busy during the time of the end. The earth is changing and the changes are occuring faster, speeding up men’s predictions. The western ice shelf is disappearing in the Antarctic which is putting all the weight on the eastern side and the Arctic ice is disappearing. The North magnetic pole is moving East towards the deepest freshwater lake in the world in Siberia which is home to a dragon god and many unusual happenings. Is this where the dragon, serpent, lizard god of the world satan resides?


Water levels are rising and islands are disappearing [I have to laugh, because 5 of the Solomon Islands have disappeared and one of them is named Kale so we are losing wisdom and have lost high nutrition!]. Magnetic poles are moving affecting migration patterns of creatures using magnetism for migration. The Earth’s wobble and rotation speed is changing which is also affecting length of day and gravity. Many volcanoes are becoming active. The molten iron in the Earth’s outer core generates electric currents that control the electromagnetic field around the planet. This is the Earth’s shield that protects us from solar radiation. This field is strengthening and weakening in different places around the globe. We are deep in the time of the end.


My personal opinion is we might have up to 30 years left. This is based on Abraham’s birth and modern Israel’s birth being the same year [1947-1948 Jewish calendar] and the possibility of Isaac’s birth and the Messiah’s return, both the long awaited GOD promised son/SON, being 100 years later. https://glclifestyling.com/2013/12/the-return-of-the-true-king-and-his-priceless-gift-of-270-days/


Keep watching as we are called to do. Put your life in our FATHER in Heaven’s HANDS and if HE wants you to move I would do it especially if you are likely to be hurt by rising waters and other occurences during the time of the end. Ask for HIS Will and the help you need to do it!

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Nehemia Gordon on the Hebrew Matthew, rabbi, and the Birkat HaMinim

The man who is speaking in the link below in the Jerusalem Channel piece is a Karaite Jew, Nehemia Gordon. While he does not believe JESUS/YESHUA’YAH is the MESSIAH, it looks like he respects HIM as a teacher. He has partnered with Messianics/Christians to help them to understand more about the Old Testament and Hebrew way of the New Testament and seems to be quite the scholar vs being prideful and offended. Reminds me of the Orthodox rabbis who signed the statement in 2015 saying they believe YESHUA is doing the FATHER’S Will by bringing the Gentiles into the fold. Interesting blog piece on him below, very worth reading. It also looks like there is information that he does try to get people to convert to Karaite ways, even though he says he does not. I believe any Messianics/Christians he associates with are praying for him to convert as well. As long as there is no offense, may we all learn the truth and let the chaff and weeds fall to the way side because there are many puzzle pieces to the Bible and layers to it. Nehemiah even says below that when the Messiah comes as King that his name may be Yeshua. I hope and pray for as many as possible to know the TRUE MESSIAH and be saved and not fall to a false one, AMEN!

The link below also contains additional information on other topics then the Gospel of Matthew, specifically on the meaning of the word “rabbi” and why JESUS/YESHUA’YAH said what he did about calling no one “rabbi”. It is quite interesting and I try not to use that word or “father” too for earthly men. I also have studies on my blog about the Hebrew Matthew and recently finished posting the last of one study if anyone wants to check it out.  The Du Tillet Matthew: is it the correct one?

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Tumeric for healing [inflammation, teeth/gum, digestion, etc] in humans and animals

Turmeric is an effective anti-inflammatory per science research. Inflammation is the root behind many diseases like cancer, arthritis, IBS, gum/teeth/heart issues, etc. Curcumin is the potent fighter contained in turmeric. The last link below, from an Australian Vet who uses tumeric preparations on his animal patients, contains information about being careful on consuming too much curcumin or for a prolonged period of time. He recommends using turmeric whole instead. This information I have not seen in other articles and recommend reading it. May this information be a blessing to you and I ask our Well Beloved FATHER in Heaven for whatever help you need for now and for eternity in HIS Precious SON’S NAME, JESUS CHRIST the LORD/YAHSHUA HA’MASHIACH YHWH, AMEN!
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Meinig-Mercola: Dental health and why root canals should be avoided

Important information on dental health everyone should read concerning Dr. Weston Price’s research, what root canals do to our health, and what a root canal is. They are not the only option available to people. May this information be a blessing to you and I ask our Well Beloved FATHER in Heaven for whatever help you need for now and for eternity in the Precious NAME of HIS Beloved SON, JESUS CHRIST the LORD/YAHSHUA HA’MASHIACH YHWH, AMEN! Continue reading

Change.org Petition: Buffalo Wild Wings Stop Selling Eggs From Battery Cages

Petition is below my comment.

We all need to be more aware of what we are purchasing. Not only for our own health, but the health of the planet and the living creatures on it. CHRIST/the MESSIAH said, “Do unto others as you would have done to you”. We are supposed to be caretakers of this planet and righteous. What has happened to HIS people and their morals?

I see more righteousness in many who do not believe in the Bible or JESUS per the Bible and who are covered in tattoos [many are symbols from ancient gods like the sun god or death or anarchy and are against Scripture and open doors to the enemy] and pierced [Scripture says pierced ears are the sign of a slave – so what are you a slave to] and do yoga [these are worship postures for other gods] and energy work [calling on the power of the enemy and not praying to the GOD of the Bible] and worship pagan gods or believe all gods are really the same god. I believe they are treating the planet and animals and their bodies and other people more like they would want to be treated in regards to healthy food and being clean and humane and act more like the early church in Acts in regards to not holding onto their possessions if someone is in need then many who believe in CHRIST/the MESSIAH!

Wake up to what you are doing to GOD/ELOHIM and others, including animals and the planet, as well as yourself, please!!! Do not just buy without reading labels and knowing what you are buying and putting into your bodies because you might be shocked if you did know. How do you treat your dog or cat? Check into the animal stewardship practices of the companies whose products you are putting in your mouth because many are doing horrific things and getting away with them for the sake of money! You represent the Bible and CHRIST/the MESSIAH by your words and actions. Have you thought about how you might be coming across to others and what they may be thinking as a result such as: “this is what their GOD believes in and who HE is?”? I have heard this from the mouths of many who disdain GOD/ELOHIM and the Bible because of the actions of HIS people! Please care, because we are hurting GOD/ELOHIM HIMSELF most of all because of not caring about HIM or what HE has created as we should be!!!

May we all wake up before it is too late! [ELOHIM is the Hebrew word for GOD and whom I believe in as FATHER/SON/HOLY SPIRIT]

From Change.org
Petitioning Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings stop selling eggs from battery cages

Petition by Patrick Voorhees
United States

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The West Must Say “Je Suis [I Follow] Asia Bibi”

Translations of this item:

  • “I will not convert. I believe in my religion and Jesus Christ. And why should I be the one to convert and not you?” — Asia Bibi.
  • It is the West’s indolence and cupidity that has condemned Asia Bibi to death. No one in Europe has filled the streets to ask for the liberation of this courageous woman, or even to protest Pakistan’s anti-Christian laws.
  • Even Pope Francis stood silent. The emblem of his reticence is the 12 seconds of face-to-face time the Pope had with Bibi’s husband and her daughter in St. Peter’s Square. Francis barely touched the two. His predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, publicly called many times for her release.
  • The mainline Protestant churches of America, too busy demonizing Israel, also stood silent. Meanwhile, Christianity is being erased from its own cradle.

The death sentence for Asia Bibi is like Chernobyl’s nuclear cloud: it contaminates everything around it. After Asia’s arrest, her husband, Masih, and her children went into hiding. They have moved house 15 times in five years. They could not even attend Asia’s judicial hearings. It is too dangerous for them. Her husband was forced to quit his job.

Asia’s “crime” was to use the same water glass as her Muslim co-workers. She was sentenced to death because she is Christian and she was thirsty. “You defiled our water,” the Muslim women told her. “Convert to Islam to redeem yourself from your filthy religion.”

Asia took a deep breath and replied: “I will not convert. I believe in my religion and Jesus Christ. And why should I be the one to convert and not you?”

On November 8, 2010, after just five minutes of deliberation, Asia Noreen Bibi, under Article 295 of the Pakistani Code, was sentenced to death by hanging. The crowd cheered the verdict. She was alone and burst into tears. Next to her there were two policemen, visibly satisfied. In the days after, 50,000 people in Karachi and 40,000 in Lahore took the streets to brandish an image of Asia Bibi with the rope around her neck. They say they will not rest until she is hanged or shot.

Asia Bibi and two of her five children, pictured prior to her imprisonment on death row in 2010 for “blasphemy.”

Pakistani Islamists recently gathered to demand the immediate execution of this woman, who has been jailed for 2,500 days. Fears for the life of Bibi — the first Christian woman sentenced to be hanged in Pakistan on spurious charges of “blasphemy” — have grown after the execution of Mumtaz Qadri, the murderer of Punjab governor Salman Taseer, a brave Muslim reformer who paid with his life for expressing support for Asia Bibi. Lawyers defending people accused of blasphemy are sometimes murdered as well.

The late Minister for Minority Affairs Shahbaz Bhatti also supported Asia Bibi, and ensured that she was placed another cell, where a camera now checks that she does not suffer any violence. It was a fatal decision for Bhatti. A terrorist blocked Bhatti’s car as he left his mother’s house and murdered him in broad daylight. Everyone knew that the death sentence would be carried out sooner or later. Rome’s Trevi Fountain has just been illuminated red to remember Christian martyrs, such as Mr. Bhatti.

Street protests against Asia Bibi have continued since Qadri’s execution on February 29, 2016. A senior Punjabi government official revealed that Bibi’s security tightened was increased after intelligence reports surfaced that Islamist groups are conspiring to kill her inside the prison, to avenge the hanging of Qadri.

These threats are why human rights organizations have demanded that the appeal of Asia Bibi, which has been postponed so far, will be conducted in a prison cell, under tight security measures. Any transfer needs to remain secret because Islamists are ready to exploit any opportunity to target her.

To understand Asia’s impending martyrdom, one has to read the book she wrote with the French journalist Anne Isabelle Tollet, entitled “Blasphemy“.

Asia Bibi must prepare her food by herself to avoid being poisoned. Even the guards threaten her with death. She never leaves her prison cell, and no one is allowed to enter to clean it. She has to clean it by herself, and the prison does not provide any cleaning products. In the small cell, which measures three meters, next to the bed there is what the guards, to mock her, call the “bathroom.” It is a water pipe from the wall and a hole in the ground. This has been her life in the last five years, as in the crypt of a cemetery.

Meanwhile, Islamists just raised the bounty on her head to 50 million rupees ($678,000). Her lawyer explained that many Christians accused of blasphemy are killed in their prison cells before they can even appear in court.

Asia Bibi never killed anyone. But in the so-called justice system of her country, she has done something much worse, the crime of crimes, the most absolute outrage: She — allegedly — offended the Muslim Prophet Mohammed. Criminals, murderers, and rapists are treated better than her.

It is the West’s indolence and cupidity that has condemned Asia Bibi to death. For this courageous woman, no one in Europe has filled the streets to ask her liberation or to protest against Pakistan’s anti-Christian laws. Even Pope Francis stood silent. The emblem of his reticence is the 12 seconds of face-to-face time the Pope had with Bibi’s husband and her daughter in St. Peter’s Square. Francis barely touched the two, while his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, publicly called many times for her release.

U.S. President Barack Obama, always full of rhetoric and ecumenical emotions, has never said a word about the persecution of Christians or asked his Pakistani allies to free Asia Bibi. And to quote the French newspaper Le Figaro, Europeans are usually “so eager” to have “mobilizations, petitions, demonstrations of every kind, but “in this case, nothing!”

For a long time, even the American mainstream press stood silent about the massacres of Christians, who are martyred every five minutes. This silence was broken by a brave dissident of Islam, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who dedicated to this mass martyrdom a masterful essay in Newsweek. The mainline Protestant churches of America, too busy demonizing Israel, also stood silent. In France, it has been impossible even to sponsor an event in which the receipts would be given in favor of these Christians. The operator of the Paris’ metro refused an ad in favor of these Christians, then lifted the ban after protests. All European secular NGOs such as Oxfam are also silent, leaving the defense of Christians to heroic non-governmental organizations such as the Barnabas Fund.

Westerners have been accustomed to think of those remote Christians as if they were leftover agents of colonialism, so that we are deaf to their pleas and even to their tragic stories. Meanwhile, Christianity is being erased from its own cradle. Distaste for our moral cowardice is balanced by the admiration for these Christians, such as Asia Bibi, who continue to witness their faith in a land that wants to expel them from history. But the Western cowardice will be punished.

The war against the “blasphemous” has in fact deep consequences in Europe, where dozens of journalists, cartoonists and writers are condemned to death for another version of the same “crime” as Asia Bibi: “Islamophobia.” Catholic faithful such as Asia Bibi have been persecuted for the same reasons and by the same people who murdered Charlie Hebdo’s impenitent secularists. And ISIS, which recently blew up Mosul’s iconic clock church (donated by the wife of Napoleon III), would gladly blow up the Cathedral of Chartres, one of France’s greatest treasures.

The liberation of this illiterate Pakistani mother of five children does not just affect some distant Christian community. It concerns all of us. Is it too much to ask Westerners for some moral clarity and to rally under the slogan, “Je Suis Asia Bibi”?

Giulio Meotti, Cultural Editor for Il Foglio, is an Italian journalist and author.


Petition Against Cruelty of Chickens: Eggland’s Best


From Change.org – click on link below to sign the petition.

Did your eggs come from tortured hens? If you buy Eggland’s Best, the answer is likely yes. How do I know? Because I worked undercover at several egg factory farms that supply Eggland’s Best and took video footage of the conditions.

The misery and suffering these animals endure is the stuff of nightmares. But don’t take my word for it. Watch the undercover footage and see for yourself.

This egg industry cruelty is sickening—and it must be stopped.

If you’ve signed petitions calling on companies to go cage-free before, thank you and congratulations—your signature paid off!  Top food retailers and restaurants, including Walmart, Kroger, Albertsons, Safeway, McDonald’s, and Starbucks, and more than 100 other companies have pledged to go cage-free in just the past year.

They made cage-free pledges because people like you are outraged by the millions of egg-laying hens suffering in filthy wire cages so small the birds can’t even spread their wings. You took action and signed the petitions calling on these companies to make a change. 

But one major company seems stuck in the past and refuses to take a stand against blatant animal abuse: Eggland’s Best.

My hidden-camera video shows just how cruelly hens in Eggland’s Best’s supply chain are treated:

  • Thousands of hens are crammed inside cages so small the birds can’t freely walk, spread their wings, or even rest comfortably.
  • Birds suffer from feather loss caused by rubbing against the bars of their tiny wire cages.
  • Countless dead hens are left to rot in cages with live birds still laying eggs for human consumption.
  • Workers violently yank birds out of their cages by their wings or necks and throw them on top of each other in garbage cans to be gassed to death.

It’s time for Eggland’s Best to stop cramming birds into torturous cages and commit to a 100 percent cage-free policy—just like so many other major companies have already done!  

Please, take a moment to sign my petition so that all of my work and risk in gathering this important evidence is not in vain. The cruelty I witnessed can be stopped. That’s why I am asking you to help me urge Eggland’s Best to stop stuffing egg-laying hens into cages.

Thank you.